Our Love Is Burning The Fire ~ A Ronald Weasley Love Story

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Chapter 1

Welcome Back, Melissa. Welcome Back.

Name Melissa O' Connell
Age/Height 14, March 13, 5'3
Looks Strawberry blonde, wavy long hair. Green eyes, pale skin, freckles.
Ethnicity Irish
House Gryffindor
Personality Funny, nice, reckless, adventurous, wild, lazy, caring, loyal, strong. Afraid of spiders and hates crickets. 
Friends Best friends with Harry, Ron, Scarlett, and Hermione Close friends with Fred, George, and Ginny. 
Other Lives in the countryside area, neighbors with The Finnigan's, Thomas', and The Weasley's about a mile ahead. 
Family Only child to half blood family. Her family is very close with The Finnigan's, Thomas', and the Weasley's. Muggle mother, Joanne. Very protective and caring. Wizard father, Jared. Former Gryffindor, reckless and adventurous. 

^that's gonna be me.

Name: Scarlett Manna
Age/Height: 14, April 30th, 5' 4"
Looks: long, straight, auburn hair; brown eyes; light skin; half-veela
Ethnicity: French
House: Gryff.
Friends:Best friends: Melissa, Harry, Ron, Hermione; close friends: Fred and George, Ginny, Luna
Personality: kind, random, friendly, protective, defensive
Other: nada
Family: Mother: Karla (French witch; Veela) Father: Frank(English wizard, moved to France, met Karla, and had Scarlett)

^micki's OC


The weather in the countryside was perfect as I slid on the outfit I had been dying to wear, and went to wait outside for the arrival of my best friend, Scarlett. School was starting again, this Sunday we would all be boarding the Hogwarts Express. Scarlett was staying over with me, my mother preferred it this way. It was getting very warm outside, and as I went inside to put on some sunscreen, the high pitched, always recognizable voice called my name.
"Missy!" I ran towards Scarlett, who was taking the luggage out of the back of the car. She waved to her father, blew a goodbye kiss, and gave me a hug.
"Manny!" I called her Manny sometimes, because her last name was Manna, and Scarlett seemed a bit fancy at times, "It's been forever! How come you didn't use floo powder, it would've been a much faster trip!" She laughed and rolls her eyes. I guess I could be a bit oblivious at times.
"Remember what happened last time?" She said, biting her fingernails.
"Oh. Yeah" My mother is a muggle, and the last time Manny arrived, she was carrying a platter with china cups and tea on it. When they'd arrived in the fireplace, my mom jumped up, shattering everything on the platter. I, for one, thought she was going to have a heart attack. Good times, good times. Manny looked at my outfit up and down. I wrapped my arms around my waist, covering my exposed tummy. I had lost a bet against Scarlett, and now I have to wear this. I've never worn anything that exposed my stomach before, and it felt a bit awkward. I could just tell she was beaming with pride at me.
"Missy, you look hot. If I were a guy, if I were Ron, I'd...." I slapped her, laughing.
"Manny, shut up!" She knew that I sorta liked Ronald, and I didn't fancy going over to hang out with them dressed like this, "C'mon, lets go put all your stuff in my room."
"Yeah, then we can go hang out with the guys. Oh, and Missy? It looks like we've traded outfits!"

When I walked up the hill towards the Weasley's, I was glad I had worn my leather jacket. It was spectacularly breezy, the weather was beautiful. The first people we spotted were Fred and George, who were playing scrimmage with the quaffle. I pulled down my sunglasses to protect my eyes from the bright sun.
"Oi!" George called at the sight of Manny and I, "You're here!"
"Oi?" Scarlett questioned, "He sounds like Ronald the Merry Pirate!" She joked as we walked towards the twins, who were now getting off their brooms.
"How was your summer?" George asked.
"Good." Manny replied, "I forgot how much I missed France! SO much better than London!"
"You wish!" said Fred, "Now, c'mon, I'm sure everyone would like to see you."

"Melissa, you look so tall!" Mrs. Weasley said, giving me the usual warm and cozy welcoming hug I got every time I came here.
"Hi Mrs. Weasley." Mrs. Weasley was like a second mother to me, our families have always been close. Fred, George, and Scarlett were trying to hold in their laughter as best as they could, but it was obvious they were having a hard time.
"Oh, and don't think I've forgotten about you, Scarlett." She got pulled in for a tight hug, as I laughed at her.
"RON, HERMIONE, GINNY, PERCY! Mrs. Weasley hollered for the rest of the bunch to come downstairs. Percy called down saying he'd come later.
"Hermione's already here?" I whisper, feeling insecure. Hermione and Ron are awfully close. Fred and George grinned my way.
"Don't worry, Missy," Fred began, putting an arm around me.
"We've made sure her and Ron have kept at least a meter distance away from each other." George interrupted, finishing off the joke and putting his arm around me on the other side. Mrs. Weasley smacked them both with a drying cloth.
"Keep your hands to yourself, boys." She snapped. But when she turned around, the arms went right back up. We were all leaning against the counter when the rest came running down the stairs. Ron looked from Manny to me, smiling. Then his face turned somewhat red with what I believe was anger when he saw the twins with their arms around me. They grinned and immediately. dropped them.
"Hey, Manny." He said, giving her a little hug, "Missy." I didn't get a hug.
"Hey Ron..." I slurred in disappointment. Across my body, Fred and George grinned at each other before shoving me into Ron.
"Hug her, you bloke!" Ron gave me a very small, loose hug, which wasn't nearly as affectionate or welcoming as the hug Scalett got. When we pulled back, the tips of his ears were slightly red. I gave him a little frown disguised as a grin. This wasn't a very good way to start the almost school year.
"Melissa!' Hermione said, giving me the warm hug, the kind I wish I got from Ron. I was dying to get a hug from Ron, and that's what I got.
"Hey Hermione!" Yeah, she was one of my best friends, but I was always a bit jealous of her. Now I had more reason to be jealous. Her teeth were much straighter and a lot smaller, her hair was so much smoother, and she looked amazing. Another bummer added to the list of sad things that are happening.
I leaned back against the island and unzipped the leather jacket. Fred looked at my outfit and immediately blushed.
"Melissa, I agree with my dear mother. You have grown...and a lot prettier, too." I grinned, blushed, and rolled my eyes at Fred's always playful, perverted-yet-adorable comments, "Really, love the shirt, but who's the the little muggle rat on the front?"
"It's a mouse, and it's Mickey Mouse! He's a muggle legend." I say, scowling.
"Oh. Well, the shirt looks lovely on you, really shapes you well, the-OI!" He yelled in the middle of his once again perverted yet flattering comment, holding the back of his head. George nudged towards Ron, who looked very red. He had an angry expression on his face. I immediatly covered my stomach, and walked towards Mrs. Weasley.
"Hey, Mrs. Weasley, is there anything I can help you with?"
"Oh it's fine darling-"
"No, really. It was getting a bit uncomfortable over there." She looks over her shoulder, then back at me, wearing a skeptical face. I turned around, and to my surprise, they were all laughing and joking. Sigh Oh, that's great. The second I leave, everyone warms up.
"So it there anything I can help you with?" I repeat quickly, trying to pull the conversation back to where it started.
"Well," she sighed, "the boys never listen when I ask them to fix their beds, no wonder they toss and turn all night. I tell them they'd sleep so much more comfortably if they just fix their beds,, but they don't listen! Could you...?"
"No problem, Mrs. Weasley." I say, giving her a little hug. I didn't want Mrs. Weasley to feel ashamed or anything for asking me to help clean. But it's what we all do when we are staying here. Today, this is one of the only reasons I'm glad to be back here. I've always been like a sister to Ginny and a daughter to Mrs. Weasley.
"Who's room is the worst? Probably the twins-"
"Ron's." She says, completely ignoring that last part. Great. That's the last name I wanted to hear at the moment, let me tell you.
"Wait, do you want to eat first? Everyone else is about to go eat, do you want to-?"
"No thanks, I ate before I came." Its true. I was really hungry.
"O-ok. Well, brace yourself, dear!" She calls to me.
"I will!" I yell back, already at the top of the staircase.
His room was such a mess.

About 20 minutes later, I still wasn't through the mess. I heard screaming from outside. I rushed to the window. My heart just cracked into a hundred pieces. Outside, they were playing quidditch. But that's not what hurt me. Manny and Ron both speeded at the ground, hopped off their brooms, and tried to run, looking very clumsy. Then Ron caught her, wrapped his arms around her, and pulled her really close to him. That hurt. A lot. Then he swung her around, put her down, and she hugged him. Really tight, too. Why couldn't that be me? I saw Ginny, Fred, and George looking at them with skeptical eyes. Hermione had her head buried in a book. Then Ginny looked at the window, and saw me watching. I saw her nudge George, but not Fred. George was always the more sensitive twin. And Fred would probably try to steal a kiss while comforting me. They dropped their brooms and ran towards the house. I couldn't hear what they were saying, obviously, but I saw Ginny give Fred the stay here hand. He pouted and went to go sit next to Hermione, playfully poking her.
What's going on? Dammit! I thought Manny fancied Harry? I sat on the four poster bed, looking at the Chudley Cannons quidditch posters on the wall. I just wanted to see Harry. He acts like an older brother to me. A small tear fell from my eyes.

*A/N: Did you like it? Sorry, it's really poorly-written! Thanks, my little quibblo babies! <3 Sabrina!

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