Lies, Cries, and Dying Times [Michael Jackson]

Lies, Cries, and Dying Times [Michael Jackson]

Michael Jackson Love Story Dedicated to Keke


Chapter 3

Keke's POV [And the Plot Thickens.....]

by: MrsRadke
Michael and I wandered around the crowded cafeteria until we found a semi-secluded table in the back of the large room. We both took our seats silently, the buzzing soundtrack in the background provided us with enough noise already.
As we sat, Michael began devouring his food.
"Why do you always eat so fast?" I asked him suddenly. He glanced up at me mid-bite and swallowed what was in his mouth before speaking, "why do you eat so slow?" He challenged me. I couldn't really argue with him, because it was true. I reached out to my tray and grabbed the bag of potato chips, popping it open and quickly putting one in my mouth, "because I like to know when I'm full," I retorted. His hand flew over his heart in a flash, "are you saying I'm fat?!" He gasped, pretended to be appalled. I giggled, "yup," I said, poking him in his stomach.
He crossed his arms and turned away from me, furrowing his eyebrows, "you offended me. I'm not talking to you anymore." He said sternly, though I know that he was only messing with me.
"Michael, you just talked to me." I pointed out to him. He glanced at me from over his shoulder briefly, then turned back around, "that doesn't count."
"Yes it does." I replied, smiling. He turned towards me once more, "does not!"
"Does to!"
"Does not!"
"Does to, does to, does to!"
His eyes became slits as he glared at me, ".... I'm not playing these childish games anymore..... But if I still was, it wouldn't count," he said, laughing. I gave up, I knew I'd lose to him anyways.
"Okay, fine. Have it your way." I told him. He flashed me a brilliantly white smile, then continued to eat.
I popped a couple more chips into my mouth, then I sensed that Michael was watching me. I looked up to find that I was correct, and that Michael had stopped eating and now had his hands folded on the table. He stared into my eyes and inhaled deeply. I stared back at him cautiously, he was beginning to make me self-concious.
"What?" I asked him, laughing a bit from the awkwardness of the situation.
"Can I ask you something?"
"You just did."
He laughed, "a real question."
"Well, it depends on what it is," I replied. He stared into my eyes, "when---well, if you have kids one day, what would you name them?" He asked me. I was a bit confused by the question, since he just wasn't the type of person to really ask those things, but by the look on his face, I could tell that he was serious.
"Um.... It depends," I responded, still thinking.
"On what?" He prompted.
"The genders."
He thought momentarily, "let's say that you had a boy and a girl."
I shrugged my shoulders, "I don't really know. I've never thought about it before. But if I had to choose, I'd probably pick..... Jerome and Jessica."
He raised his eyebrows and laughed, "are you serious?" He questioned, throwing his head back in hysteria. I gave him a confused look, "why is that so funny?"
It took him a minute to recompose himself before he answered, "I don't even think that those are real names, Keke! They're ridiculous!" He said, laughing once again.
"Well fine then! What would you name your kids?" I retorted, a bit agitated.
"Easy. Dewayne and Aaliyah," he said, leaning back in his chair, clearly satisfied with himself.
I opened my mouth to say something, then closed it. Drat, he got me. Those are better names.
"You're the worst," I told him, shooting him daggers.
"Love you too, wifey," he responded jokingly. There was another silence, but this one was shorter then the last, "how many kids do you want?" He fired again suddenly.
I looked at him, confused, "why do you keep asking me these kinds of questions?"
"What kind of questions?"
"Ones about children."
He shrugged his shoulders, "I'm just curious.... Our lives are actually starting now, and it's getting closer to the time that we need to start thinking about these types of things," he said calmly. I processed what he said for a moment, then spoke, "I don't know.... It depends on who I'm with, I guess." I replied.
"What do you mean?"
"Well, let's say that I got married to a guy, but it was a relationship where we fought all the time. I wouldn't want to have very many children with him, if any at all, because I wouldn't want our kids growing up in a bad environment," I explained.
He cocked his head to the side, then smirked, "let's say that guy was me," he said, wiggling his eyebrows, "how many kids would you be willing to have then?" He asked in a joking manner, though I could see that behind his facade, his eyes held true curiosity.
I pondered the thought before answering, "..... Mmm... Three." I answered, smiling. His jaw dropped slightly.
"What?" I questioned him.
He shook his head, "only three?!" He seemed a bit upset by this.
"Yes. What's wrong with three?"
He laughed, "if we were married, we'd be having more than three kids."
"Because you wouldn't be able to get enough of me. You would never stop wanting more." He said devilishly. I rolled my eyes, still smiling at his foolishness. Even though it would probably turn out to be true....
"In your dreams, Michael," I said, patting him on the arm.
"No kidding," he said with a wink. I glanced away from him so that he wouldn't see me blushing, though he regained my attention quickly by taking my hand in his and lacing our fingers together.
"But you know.... I think that we'd make some adorable babies together." He said in a cute voice, batting his eyelashes. I beamed at him and laughed, "ya know, I wouldn't doubt that," I said, giving his hand a small squeeze.
"Wanna try it out and see?" He asked me, a faint glimmer of hope resting beneath his eyes, along with all his other emotions.
My eyes widened as I hit him on the arm with my opposite hand, "Michael! We are not having sex!" I yelled, a bit too loudly. A few people turned to look at us, to my immense embarrassment.
"Calm down! I was only kidding, gosh..." He said, rubbing his arm.
"Sure you were...." Heavy sarcasm.
After a couple of seconds, I decided to fill the quiet atmosphere, "hey, will you do me a huge, huge, huge favor?" I asked him sweetly.
".... What is it?" He asked me cautiously.
"Will you go and get me more Pepsi?"
He smiled at me, "sure." He rose from his chair, taking my cup in the process, swiftly walking over to the soda machine.
Almost immediately after Michael left, his seat was then filled by a girl in a short jean skirt, and a very deep v-neck. She smelled of perfume, desperation, and sex. I'd know her anywhere.
"What are you doing here Tatiana?" I sneered, disgusted.
She glared at me and made a face, "I'm here to tell you to stay away from my man," she said, attempting to sound threatening.
I laughed coldly, "Michael's not 'your man', Tatiana. You guys aren't even friends..." I trailed off, getting bored with this conversation already.
"He doesn't have to be my man for him to pound me," she said slyly, probably thinking that she was being clever in her response.
"The thought is atrocious." I responded, rolling my eyes.
"Just. Like. You." She said, enunciating each word seperately.
I shook my head and glanced over to the soda machine to see Michael coming back, with my drink in his hand.
"Look sIut, you better get outta here before Michael gets back. He's not gonna be very happy to see you here," I warned her. She scoffed, knowing that it was true. She glanced his way, then focused her dirty gaze back onto me, "he won't be too happy to see your ugly ass either, especially considering that there isn't much to look at." She replied, laughing darkly.
Just then, Michael returned to the table, approaching us slowly.
"Tatiana, what are you doing?" Michael asked her. I could hear the slight irritation in his voice.
"Nothing.... I just came to see you...." She said seducingly, moving one of her perfectly manicured nails down his chest, pausing just above his belt buckle. She bit her lip.
Michael, clearly uncomfortable, took a step back, putting his hands up in defense, "please, don't touch me like that."
"Why, just because she's here?" She snapped loudly, throwing a wicked glare in my direction. Now there were many people watching our little dramatic scene unfold. The cafeteria had gotten noticably quieter.
Michael laid a hand on her shoudler calmingly, she smacked it off.
"No, I say that because I really don't want you touching me." He replied slowly, like he was talking to someone mentally handicapped.
She flared her nostrils as her eyes became mere slits. In a flash, the cup was out of Michael hand and instantly thrusted at me, drenching my entire upper body in soda.
I didn't scream, though I wanted to ever so badly. I shook out my wet arms before giving Tatiana my famous stare of death.
I opened my mouth to speak, though Michael cut me off. He grabbed Tatiana's forearm roughly and pulled her close so that he wouldn't have to shout. If he did, the whole room would've heard him, since everyone was now silent. I swear, I could hear if pin dropped.
"Listen. You don't treat her like that, and I'm not gonna stand here and watch," he said, his voice barely above a whisper, "if you have a problem, you take it up with me," he said menacingly. It frightened me, and I wasn't even the one being spoken to.
She rolled her eyes at him and tried to yank her arm from his iron grip, with no success. That only made Michael angrier; he dug his nails into her skin, causing her to whimper like a small puppy.
"Okay, okay, I get it! Lemme go!" She yelled loudly. Michael released her. She didn't even glance in my direction as she swiftly walked out of the cafeteria, and around the corner, out of sight.
I stared up at Michael, almost in tears, due to my extreme embarrassment. His gaze was focused on the doors of the large room, until he was sure that she wasn't about to return, then he turned to me. By the look on my face, he could tell that we needed to go. Without saying a word, he took me by the hand and quickly lead me out of the tense eating hall.

Michael had a bit of trouble sneaking into the girls dorm room with me, since there are supposed to be no guys allowed, but we eventually made it inside, and up to my room.
Once inside, I finally let the tears go, not needing to hold them in any longer.
I grabbed the sides of my arms and sat on my bed, trying to hold onto whatever was left of my dignity, all the while sobbing uncontrollably. Michael sighed loudly and shuffled his way over to where I was, sitting down, and pulling me onto his lap in a comforting embrace.
He stroked my damp, frizzy hair, attempting to calm me down, though it was no use.
"I'm going to take a shower. Maybe the hot water will help relax me," I said, not really believing myself. He removed his arms from my torso, freeing me without a word.
Before leaving my room, I grabbed a towel and my favorite shampoo, then headed for the door without even glancing back at Michael's face.

I stripped down and ran the shower water as hot as it would go, which wasn't actually that warm. I stepped in, regardless, and let the hard water wash away all of the sticky soda on my skin.
As I applied shampoo to my already-wet hair, the water began to slowly, but surely, warm up. It allowed me to relax my stiff, stressed muscles.
Taking showers was really the only way for me to unwind. Nothing else helped besides the hot water rushing down and across my skin, cleansing me of any impurities, bad thoughts, or problems I may have been having prior to it.
I'm not sure how long I was in there, but eventually, the water cooled off enough to the point where it was tensing my muslces back up, so I quickly shut off the valve and hopped out. I towel-dryed my hair, and then wrapped the damp cloth around my body.
The walk back to my room was short, though it was very cold in the air-conditioned hallway, especially considering that I was still a bit wet.
I rushed back to my room, water dripping off of my body in the process. Though I stopped abruptly when I reached the door. I heard Michael talking to someone.
I peaked around the corner to see him talking angerly, yet quietly, into his cell phone. I know that it's wrong to listen in on other people's conversations, but I'm not really one who cares about that. I put my ear as close to the door as I could without being exposed, and listened in.

"Seriously? Are you really bringing that up again?..... Well I don't see the big deal about it..... It's none of your business anyways, Wylie......"

Wylie? Who's Wylie? I thought to myself. I refocused my thoughts and listened in once again.

"Shut the hell up! I'm not like that...... Oh, some friend you are...... Whatever, I'm just tired of you getting on me about this when it doesn't even concern you!...... You don't know what I have and don't have!...... It just so happens that I do, actually. Her name is Erin....."

Who the hell are all these people?! I thought to myself, angry that he's appearently been keeping things from me.

"I'm thinking about dumping her though. There's this really hot girl named Shanoah I was thinking about getting together with...... Yeah, maybe. it depends on how long I'm with her for..... Sure, I'll try..... Alright, bye." He said, obviously ending the conversation.
I sat outside of the door, thinking things through.
Wylie? Erin? Shanoah? Getting together?! I thought. I didn't understand. I had no idea who any of these people were, though appearently, Erin, is Michael's girlfriend, whom I've never even heard of.
Would he really keep something like that from me? I don't know why he would.... But then again.....
I sighed quietly to myself, just as realization hit me. I shut my eyes tightly as I hit my head against the dry, white wall.
"If Michael has a girlfriend, there can't be an us....." I whispered silently to myself. A single tear ran down my face. I wiped it away with the back of my hand, calm down. It's only Michael. I tried to reason with myself. But that was just it, this was Michael I was talking about. My childhood crush, my best friend..... I just can't believe that he would keep something like that from me!
That's just it though, I don't believe it.

Whatever...... The pieces will somehow all come together in the end, whether I'm ready for them to or not.

I have no idea how right I'll turn out to be.....

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