Lies, Cries, and Dying Times [Michael Jackson]

Lies, Cries, and Dying Times [Michael Jackson]

Michael Jackson Love Story Dedicated to Keke


Chapter 2

Michael's POV [Caution: PG-13]

by: MrsRadke
I snapped my head up and glanced over at the open door to find Keke leaning against the doorframe casually.
"Oh, hey. You're back," I said, sliding her diary swiftly underneath my sheets without her noticing. She smiled at me, "yeah, I am."
There was an awkward silence for a moment as we both stared at each other.
"So," I started off, sitting up straight. I looked behind me to make sure that the journal was still hidden; it was. I continued, "wanna go do something? My dorm isn't really that much of a party," I joked with her. She smiled, "I thought you said you weren't feeling well..." She reminded me. I thought quickly, "you made me better." I teased her, standing up and walking towards her.
"Oh, did I now?" She asked me, raising her eyebrows.
I nodded at her and bit my lip as I took the last step to close the distance between us. I looked into her big, chocolate brown eyes as I continued our conversation, "yes, you did. And for that, I'm taking you out for coffee."
Her face suddenly lit up, "Starbucks?" She asked me excitedly.
"For you?..... Sure." I mused her.
She clapped her hands together excitedly, "yay! Can we got now?" She asked me. I nodded at her; we began walking out of the room. I stopped suddenly, just as she turned around, "I forgot. I need car keys," I said.
"Okay, I'm going out by your car."
"I'll be out there in a few," I told her as I walked back into the room.
I walked back over to my bed and grabbed the little black book from underneath the sheets. I slipped it into my jacket pocket and strode out the door once again.

4:00 PM- Starbucks

I held the door open and waiting Keke and myself to walk through before dropping it and walking over to the counter.
We stood in front of the counter and stared up at the menu. I turned to Keke, "do you know what you want? I'm buying."
"Michael..." She began to object. I shook my head and smiled, "I told you. It's a treat from me since you made me feel better," I said, tickling her stomach. She flinched away from me and smiled, "okay, okay... Geez...." She said, giggling.
Just then, a woman from behind the counter seemed to appear out of nowhere, with an overworked look crossing her face, though she still smiled, "what can I get for you two?" She asked, slightly out of breath.
I gestured to Keke, "ladies first."
She glanced at the menu quickly, "I'll have a french vanilla latte please," she said.
The woman pushed a couple of buttons and turned to me, "and for you?"
I didn't really know what I wanted, so I decided to just get what Keke was having, " I'll have the same thing."
She pushed more buttons, then spoke, "anything else?"
"No, that's all," I replied.
"Your total comes to five eighty-seven."
I already had out my wallet, pulling out a ten dollar bill and handing it to her. She put the money into the register and handed me the change, "your drinks will be ready in a minute or two," she said, immediately going to work on them.
We walked over to the other side of the counter and waited for our drinks, which came quicker than expected, especially considering that the woman who was working, was alone.
We walked to the back of the cafe where we sat in our favorite, comfortable loveseats that had a tiny table in between that allowed just enough room for both of our drinks.
"So," I started off. She took a sip of her latte and looked at me, "how's life?" I asked her, smiling. She smiled back at me and set down her drink, "it's.... Okay, I guess..." She trailed off.
I gave her a confused look, "why 'just okay'?" I asked, using air-quotes.
She sighed deeply, "I've been having problems keeping up with my acedemics. Well, just math, really.... But I'm not doing too well in Acting either. They keep telling me that I'm just barely gonna pass when the semester's over, if I even do...." She concluded, taking a long drink.
I raised my eyebrows, "why didn't you tell me before Shorty? Maybe I can help you," I said, surprised at her words.
She shook her head, "nah, I couldn't ask you to do that. I don't wanna take away from any of your study time. Especially now that you're so close to graduating. You'll have a good shot if you continue working as you are, Michael. I don't want to mess that up for you," she said, her eyes drifting everywhere around the room besides mine.
I hesistated before speaking, "..... Keke," I called her. She still didn't even glance at me.
"Keke," I tried again, a bit louder this time. Her head turned slightly in my direction, though she still refused to look at me.
I rolled my eyes at her stubbornness and stood up. I quickly slipped my hands underneath her and lifted her out of the chair.
"Hey!" She protested, though she barely tried to resist my actions.
I sat back down in my chair, now with Keke in my lap.
"Now you have to look at me," I told her. She did as I told her, and stared up at me with her deep, brown puppy eyes. I almost claimed her lips to mine right then and there. But I knew better, and resisted.
Not now, I thought to myself, when the time is right, you'll both know.
"Do you really believe that?" I asked her.
"Which part?" She questioned in a monotone.
"The part about how you think you'll mess up what I have going for me, if I take the time to help you." I told her. She shrugged her shoulders, ".....Yeah," she mumbled. I shook my head slowly, "well, you're wrong. And even if it did somehow throw me off-track, I wouldn't care. You're my best friend, and I'd do anything to help you," I said softly, tucking a piece of hair behind her ear.
"Really?" She asked me. I nodded solemnly. She smiled gently at me and leaned up to kiss my cheek, "you're the best."
I chuckled at her, "I know."
She lightly punched my arm, causing me to laugh at her weak attempt. Suddenly, her expression went back to a pokerface, "but what about your girlfriend?" She sneered, looking at me, probably waiting on a response.
I was just too shocked to give her one at the moment, though I was able to say one thing, "girlfriend?" I stuttered out stupidly. She nodded her head while giving me an are-you-drunk-or-just-plain-dumb look.
"I don't have a girlfriend," I said firmly. I definately can't afford for her to think that I would. Not now, not ever.
"Um, hello? Tatiana?" She pointed out, though that wasn't true in the slightest.
"What are you talking about Keke? She's not my girlfriend. We aren't even friends. She's like a dog, she just follows me around wherever I go. I know that she just wants me for sex, but you know that I wouldn't do that. I hate sIutty girls like that," I told her honestly.
"....Are you sure? Because I've heard some----" But I cut her off by putting my hand over her mouth.
"Who are you gonna believe, the sIutty, useless girls like Tatiana, or me?"
"You," she said quickly. I smiled at her, she smiled back.
There was a short pause where neither of us said anything, though it was not silent. Soft jazz music was playing in the background, adding an irrelevant soundtrack to our conversation.
"So what type of girls do you like then, since you don't like ones like Tatiana?"
I thought about that for a minute, "well," I said, slowly moving my hand over to hers and lacing our fingers together, "I like girls who can always make me smile, who can make the best of even the worst situations, who is genuine enough to embrace her flaws and be proud of her triumphs. As for looks, I like girls with long legs, and aren't stick-skinny. If a girl can win me over simply with her smile and her eyes, I already know that she's amazing...." I trailed off. I looked away when I realized that I'd basically just described Keke. I hoped that she wouldn't notice, or better yet, change the subject.
"Interesting...... Hey, I gotta, um, go to the bathroom really quick." It came out like a question. Though I didn't object. She got off of my lap, releasing my hand from hers at the last possible second.
I watched her until she was completely out of sight, then, as quickly as I could, I removed the diary from my jacket pocket, and began flipping through the pages. I continued flipping until I found a page that grabbed my attention. It had hearts on every other line in the margins, and a single, sketched rose at the top. I decided to read the entry, though I'd have to be fast.

September 13, 1980
Dear Diary,
W-o-w. That's really all I can say about the dream that I had last night. I don't have any other word to express how it made me feel..... That very well has to be the best dream I've ever had in my entire life.....
In the dream, Michael and I were on some tropical island. It looked like Honolulu or Maui, but I can't be sure. I wasn't too focused on the scenery as much as I was on what was actually happening in the dream.
It was sunset, and I was outside on the balcony of a two story house, overlooking the radiant sun's reflection in the ocean. I was wearing only a short night dress that was as transparent as glass, though it was red.
Suddenly, Michael was behind me, wrapping his arms around my waist.
"It's so beautiful...." I said, pointing at the sun. He reached out and interwined his fingers with mine, "not as beautiful as you are, princess." He told me, so my extreme embarassment. He leaned in and kissed both of my blushed cheeks, then my nose, then my forehead, and everywhere else on my face, though he saved my lips for last. When our lips touched, I felt the sparks that everyone talks about in the movies, and it felt amazing. His lips were warm and moist against mine, making the kiss all the more perfect. When he pulled back, he smiled and lead me inside.
The room that he lead me into was almost as beautiful as the outdoor scenery. It was a bedroom that had walls painted an off-white color, and small paintings of the ocean scattered all around. but the best part of the whole room was the giant, california king sized bed in the middle of the room.
Before I had time to take everything in, I was already on the bed, lying on my back with Michael on top of me. He began kissing me again, but this time he alternated between kissing my lips and my neck, making the whole experience even better. Once he pulled away from me, he whispered, "I love you," with a smile dancing across his face. I couldn't help but return the smile, "I love you too," I replied. He then continued to plant various kisses along my exposed neck and face.
After who knows how long, I felt my nightgown being untied. Surely enough, Michael is untying the ribbons, letting the thin fabric rest on the bed. He pulled it out from underneath me, and tossed it across the room, along with his boxers.
Now that we were both naked, I felt an overwhelming feeling overtake me. It wasn't bad at all, it was actually good. I felt that I wanted him. Needed him.
I slowly pull his lips back to mine and tangle my fingers in his lucious, black hair as his hands move down to my waist and the small of my back, molding me into him.
"Michael.... I want you..." I said softly aginst his lips. He pulled back to look at my face, "are you sure Keke?" I nodded my head, "yes, I'm sure. I trust you....." I told him, slightly arching my back.
He moved his lips back to mine again, kissing me passionately as he suddenly slid inside of me. I felt an instant wave of pleasure wash over me the second he did.
"Oh, Michael..." I moaned aganist his mouth as he began thrusting his hips against my body. Even though I felt slight pain when he first entered me, it quickly subsided, leaving only the pleasurable feelings.
With every thrust, I felt sparks course their way through my body, building up an intense feeling in my body.
Michael began groaning too, which only made the experience better for the both of us. His grip on me tightened as we both came close to our breaking points.
"Michael.... Mmm.... Give it to me, please. I'm almost there.... Oh!" I yelled to him. He leaned over me to get in deeper, and started rotating his hips, hitting me deeper in. His pace quickened just by the slightest bit, but it was enough to send us both over the edge.
Within seconds, our climaxes hit us both, and we were instantly trembling from the intensity. Michael fell back down on the bed and now layed on his back. As I began to regain my breath and my strength, I rolled onto his chest.
"I love you," I told him, tiredly. "I love you too, forever and always." He replied.
His lips against mine were the last thing I felt before awakening.
So there! that was the absolute best dream of my entire existance, and no one has any idea how much I wish that that dream had been reality. And up until the point where I awoke in my dark, lame dorm room, I honestly thought that it was. Everything felt so real! And everything that I layed eyes on was so vivid.... Especially Michael's face. I was expecting him to be right there beneath me when I opened my eyes. But to my dismay, he wasn't.
Oh well. Perhaps one day my dream will become reality........ But who am I kidding? That wouldn't happen in a million years.... A girl can still dream though, can't she?
Love, Keke

I quickly shut the diary just as I saw Keke rounding the corner in my peripheral vision. I reconcealed it once again by placing it back in my jacket pocket.
As she was walking back towards me, I smiled and tried to seem as normal as possible. Though it was extremely hard to do so, considering what I'd just read.
"What were you looking at just now?" She asked me when she returned. She didn't even bother to sit down.
My eyes widened a bit as I did some quick thinking, "I was just, uh, looking at my planner. I thought there was something going on tonight, but there isn't," I lied smoothly. She nodded her head in understanding, though something in her eyes told me that she didn't quite believe me.
Though thankfully, she changed the subject, "so are you ready to go?" She asked me. I thought for a moment, and did some more quick-thinking.
"Actually, I gotta go to bathroom now. I'll only be a minute or two, I promise." I said, giving her a sheepish smile. I stood up and walked around her, facing her back. I couldn't let her see my crotch, or else she's really know that I wasn't looking at my 'day-planner'.
I ran to the bathroom as fast as I could, locking the door behind me. At lightning speed, I already had my zipper down, and my dick out.
Closing my eyes, I started envisioning the sensual dream that Keke had described in her diary, and began going at it as quickly as I could.
I let the whole scene play out in my mind as I got myself off to her wonderful dream.
Everything that she said replayed in my head, getting me closer with each word.
"Michael.... Mmm.... Give it to me, please. I'm almost there.... Oh!" Keke moaned to me.
At the thought of her holding onto me, kissing me, and getting in/s/ide of her, I gave it one last pump before I exploded.
I stiffled a groan as I let the pleasure take over my body. This would be nothing compared to having sex with Keke, but it was the best that I could do at the moment.
Once the feeling was dead and gone, I began cleaning myself up with paper towel and toilet paper.
Suddenly, I heard a knock at the door and a voice that could only belong to Keke, "Michael? Are you alright? You've been in there for ten minutes."
Ten minutes?! I though to myself, surprised. It normally didn't take me that long.
I composed myself enough to speak, "yeah, I'm just checking myself," I shouted back through the door. Then I realized how stupid that sounded, but it was too late to take it back.
I scrubbed my hand off as quickly as I could, and threw away the paper towel, opening the door to reveal Keke standing there, looking a bit impatient.
"What were you doing in there?" She asked me, a small smile playing on the edges of her mouth.
"I was just.... Checking myself in the mirror. It takes a long time to look this good, you know," I joked with her. She laughed, so I assumed that she bought it.
She then took my hand, "well, whatever, we can go now...... Did they run out of paper towels or something? Your hand's still wet," she said, looking up at me.
I choked back the laughing hysteria that threatened to explode.
"Yeah, uh.... That's it." I said, thankfully, without laughing.
She shrugged and lead me back out to the car. We got in the vehicle and began driving back to the campus.

(Better chapter than the first? I think so XD Lol, I told you guys that I'd do better on this one! Okay, so there's not much to say except for rate, comment, and favorite! :D Oh, and also, this chapter is dedicated to Keke! She told me that it would brighten her spirits, so I've been working on it for the past 3 or 4 hours to post it, haha. Anyways, I hope you feel better girl! I love you all!) Oh, and last thing, sorry about all of the weird letterings, but Quibblo claims that some of the words are 'inappropraiate', ya know? Lol)

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