Lies, Cries, and Dying Times [Michael Jackson]

Lies, Cries, and Dying Times [Michael Jackson]

Michael Jackson Love Story Dedicated to Keke


Chapter 1


by: MrsRadke
Name Keke Nicole Love
Age 17 (She is in college though. She's super smart and graduated early from high school. So now she is going to the same college Michael is)
Height 5' 4 1/2"
Body Curvy, but still slim (Like Mariah Carey)
Eyes Hazel/Brown
Skin Chocolate
Hair Dark brown, wavy, chest length
Era Bad (Obviously, lol)
Style Urbanized, but still professional
Persona Sweet and shy, but can be a total betch if you get on her bad side.

MJ age/persona Michael is 22 (Pretend he's going to college for eight years instead of four) Even though he's in college, he's still in a gang back home. He doesn't want to be in it anymore, but he can't get out.

September 29

I walked across the busy campus as quickly as I could, passing by many people, none of which were my best friend, Michael.
He wasn't in either of our first two classes of the day, and I was beginning to get worried. He hardly ever missed classes, and when he did, I was right there ditching with him. Today was different though, no matter where I looked for him, he wasn't there. The only place I haven't checked yet is his dorm, oddly enough. That's why I was on my way there now.
I rushed through the halls of his building, getting strange stares from people in the process.
When I reached his door, I didn't even bother to knock. I just twisted the knob and hoped for the best. Surprisingly enough, it was open.
I slid inside of the doorway and quickly glanced around the room to find the bed unmade and unoccupied. I sighed to myself and slowly sauntered over to his bed. I dropped my stuff onto the ground and plopped down on his bed, covering my face with my hands, and wondered where he could be.

Not more than two minutes later did I heard the bedroom door slam shut. I kept my hands on my face, assuming that someone just walked by and shut it, since I heard no sound in the room.
Suddenly, I felt the sheets russel and weight being put on top of my body. I removed my hands, only to find Michael hovering above me with a huge smile plastered across his face.
"Boo," he whispered. I gasped in fear. I wasn't expecting him to be there.
"Michael, you scared me," I breathed out. He giggled and winked at me.
"How you doin', Shorty?" That was the nickname he gave to me when we first met, since he completely towered over me.
"Better, now that I found you," I told him. I continued, "where were you though? You never ditch without me."
He sighed and shrugged, "I don't feel too good...." He told me. A puzzled look crossed my face, "you sick?"
"No, I just... Don't feel good. I don't know how to explain it," he said.
"You got period cramps or something?" I joked with him, smiling. He chuckled and shook his head. His damp curls brushed across my face, tickling it.
"Did you just come from the shower?" I asked him, glancing at his wet hair. He nodded his head, "that's kinda why I don't have a shirt on, Keke," he commented, laughing at me. My eyes traveled down until they reached his perfectly chisled chest. I gazed at it momentarily, then reached up and ran my hand down his abdomin.
"You've been working out, haven't you?" I asked him. He smiled at me and nodded his head. He rolled over so that he was on his back, and rested his hands behind his head, "yeah. I gotta stay fit for the ladies," he said laughing.
I laughed with him, "you can be so stupid sometimes. You're lucky I'm still friends with you." I said, poking him in the side. He propped himself up on one elbow and looked at me, "correction. You're lucky that I'm best friends with you," he said, poking me just as I had done to him. I smiled and glanced down at his chest again involuntarily. He took notice of it and moved closer to me so that we were pressed up against each other lightly.
"You like what you see?" He asked me, biting his lip.
I looked into his eyes and smirked, ".....Maybe...." I taunted him.
He brought his hand up and gently laid it down on my waist, "I don't know why you keep denying your feelings for me. You make the so obvious Shorty...." He whispered to me, trailing his hand down my waist slowly. In a flash, I grabbed his wrist to stop him from going down any further.
"Michael, you know that the only feelings I have towards you are brotherly feelings. Nothing more, nothing less." I told him with a small smile as I placed his hand back on the bed.
I tore my gaze away from his soon after. I didn't want him to see the lie behind my eyes.
In all honestly, I did like him as more than a brother, even more than a best friend; but I wasn't ready for him to know that quite yet.
He put a finger underneath my chin and titled my head up so that I had to look at him once again, "I love the way you lie, Keke..." He trailed off. His hot breath hit my face, leaving me in a daze momentarily.
His face suddenly got extremely close to mine; there was practically no space in between us.
"I w-wasn't lying Michael," I managed to choke out quietly. He chuckled, his breath hitting my face again. He pulled back and continued to stare at me with a strange gleam in his eye.
I gave him a confused look, "um.... I'm going to go to the b-bathroom?" It came out like a question, which wasn't my intention.
He smiled at me, "hurry back."
I nodded at him and climbed off of the bed easily. Without looking back at him, I ran through the doorway and down the hallway as fast as I could.
When I reached the bathroom, I didn't go in. I stood outside of the door and pushed myself up against the wall, sliding down onto the floor slowly. I pulled my knees up to my chest and buried my face in my hands.

Why am I such a coward?

Michael P.O.V

I lie still on the bed, waiting for Keke to return, with extreme boredom.
I turned on my side, gazing out of the open window out onto the busy college campus.
I suddenly noticed Keke's books sitting on top of my nightstand. Being the curious person I am, I began going through them.
In the pile she had a mathmatics textbook, a science textbook, a five-subject notebook, Romeo and Juliet, and a small journal. I remembered seeing the journal before, but I couldn't remember where I saw it. I picked it up and layed on my back once again. I opened the book to the first page, and found this.

May 14, 1980
Dear Diary,
Today, I graduated from high school! I am no longer a teen, (technically) since I am going to college in September...... Man, I am so glad to be done! I can't wait to get started on shaping my future to become an actress. It'll all be worth it soon enough! And I can't wait 'til that day comes, haha. Anyways, I'm getting excited to see Michael too! I haven't seen him since about five years ago when he left for college. Ah.... I've missed him so much. I can't wait to catch up with him and everything. The last memory I actually had with him was saying goodbye to him after his graduation ceremony when I was in the eighth grade. I remember him kissing me on the cheek as my mom snapped a picture. It made me smile bigger than I ever have before. See, I've always thought that Michael was cute, even when we were kids, but I'm five years younger than him, and I knew that it would never work. But now that I am going to the same college he is, and I am grown, it just might....... Love, Keke

I moved my hand to cover my mouth in surprise. I never knew that she thought that... I thought to myself. I'll admit, when I was graduating, I could tell that she had a small crush on me. I didn't think anything of it then, because like she said, she was only about thirteen years old. She was a nice girl though, and I did miss hanging out with her when I moved out here. Now that I think about it, whenever my mother and hers would go out, and I would have to watch her, she would always make me laugh. She was always there to brighten my mood, even when I didn't think that I could ever be happy again.
Now I'm head-over-heels for her, and she only thinks of me as family. I wish that things were different, but it's too late now, I guess...
I flipped past more pages, until I reached an entry with the date of the first day after summer vacation.

August 31, 1980
Dear Diary,
Today was my first day at Juliard, and everything was better than I expected! My professors and coaches all loved me, I've already made a few friends, and I saw Michael! We bumped into each other while walking, and he recognized me! It was great. Plus, we both had an acting course and math course together! We walked to class together, and talked the whole time. It was great seeing him, and he still looked as good as I remember. Maybe even better... Hm... He was such a sweetie too :)
By the end of the school year, I knwo he will be mine. Oh yes, he will be mine...... Love, Keke

I smiled to myself and continued flipping until I reached the most recent entry.

September 27, 1980
Dear Diary,
This close. I came this close to telling Michael that I liked him. Ugh!
We were sitting on the grassy hill next to Pfiffer Hall, doing some vocal exercises before our next class when somehow, Michael made me laugh and we had to stop. I was laughing so hard that I fell on his chest, causing us both to crash to the into the ground. We both were laughing, and staring into each others eyes. I opened my mouth to tell him how I really felt, when all of a sudden, I heard the nasily voice of my enemy, Tatiana.
"Michael! What are you doing with her?" She shouted. Michael gave her a weird look and placed his hand on my back, helping us sit up.
"What do you mean, what are you doing with her? Keke is my best friend. I have a right to hang out with her if I want to, you know." He said. I looked at him with curiosity all across my face. He never called me his best friend before. I glanced at him, and he winked at me, causing me to blush.
"Yeah, well, whatever. You know where to find me..." She said, turning on her heels and walking away. I waited until she was entirely out of my sight before turning to Michael. He just stared at me, "what?" I smiled back at him, not letting my gaze waver, "I'm your best friend?" I asked him.
"Well, of course you are, Shorty. I don't give nicknames to just anyone," he said. I shook my head and laughed. He quickly interwined his fingers with mine and squeezed my hand, "c'mon. We're gonna be late," he said.

I wish I wasn't such a coward. I should've told him then, but I am too much of a chicken. One day though, I will tell him that I like him...... I'm just a bit afraid of his reaction...... One day...... Love, Keke

I closed the book and held it close to my chest.
She likes me? I thought to myself. I exhaled loudly in nervousness.
It sounds crazy that even though she is my best friend, and now I have assurance that she likes me, that I am still nervous to see her now. I pushed a few loose curls out of my face and tucked them behind my ear. I glanced down again and looked at the black book. I shook my head. I knew that Keke used to have a crush on me when we were younger, that was obvious. But now.... Now everything seemed different. For the past month now, she hasn't said or did anything that seemed suspicious, so how was I supposed to suspect anything?

It didn't matter anymore though. I knew her little secret.

But she still doesn't know mine.....

(A/N: Oh my gosh, this could very well be the absolute worst chapter I've ever written in my entire life. This was supposed to be an amzing start to this really awesome story for one of my best friends, but it sucks! The beginning and end aren't too bad, but the middle is terrible! Well it's not really my fault though, I haven't posted anything in like two months and my writing skills are extremely rusty [as you can tell.] But anyways, I worked so hard on this story, and I'm not changing it now. Like it or not, it only matters if Keke is happy with it or not, since this is for her. :D But still comment, rate, and all that jazz! Love you all! [And I'll do better on chapter two, I promise, lol])

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