The Tales of the Wanted: An Original Story About A Boy With Super Powers

The Tales of the Wanted: An Original Story About A Boy With Super Powers

Jack has just been accepted into a weird school somewhere in the middle of Idaho, hosting the children of Humans and the Other Beings, aka. 'Half-Bloods'. Each Half-Blood has an unique power and well, so does Jack but what happens when he finds out Northvale's deep dark secret?

The sacrificing of Half Bloods to the gods of the Other World?

Chapter 1

The End of the Road

A/N: Anybody who has a character in this story I would like to point out that this is the first chapter so obviously your character won't appear but I'll try and make it as soon as possible!!! I'm writing 'Riordan style', try and make as mush action and less of the boring details so enjoy this new work :) I'm going to keep on writing this even if I only have a few comments because as I was told in my creative writing class, I need to develop my characters better and finish of my stories so hopefully this on will be good!! Although I don't expect you guys too, I found like some constructive criticism in your comments if that's aright! It's set in America so forgive me if I do anything stupid because I'm obviously not from America but I'll try and Americanize it as much as possible!! I haven't made up some of the characters due to my character creator but most of the main ones and the whole entire plot was thought up and planned by me!! This is a computer-to-text sort of thing so I don't know where it's going but I'll always try and make you guys wanna come back for more!!I'm writing this without a plan so there might be a few holes in the plot!! I'm also putting this up on Wattpad so you can read it from there if you want too :) oh and excuse my grammar and punctuation! I'll try and get better :) This A/N is very long and I'll wrap it up by saying- Jack says smile!!



If Jack wasn't sick of the kids at school making fun of him, maybe he wouldn't of stood up to them. If Jack hadn't stood up to them, maybe he wouldn't of good pasta in his hair. If Jack hadn't got pasta in his hair, maybe he wouldn't of told the biggest, meanest and strongest bully that he should stop knocking up pigeons, it was ruining his moral worth but worst of all, if Jack didn't miss the punches they threw at him maybe they wouldn't of beat him up even worst after school. And if Jack hadn't gotten corned and beaten up after school?

What would of happened then?

Easy, he would of got home in time to see how the hell his house got burnt down or where his uncle went.


"I'm sorry but I didn't know brain's had an expiration date!" Jack snapped. The cab driver raised his eyebrow and looked at the boy from the mirror.

"Kid!" the driver said. "I know you're going through a hard time but how in anything's name can a piece of paper survive a fire that burnt down your house?"

"I don't know!" Jack was now getting frustrated. He was anxious and scared and slightly dizzy. The acrid smell of smoke was still haunting him and the hissing sound the water made when it hit the flames was constantly beating through his mind.

Uncle assumed missing. House burnt to smithereens from an unknown cause. Mysterious pamphlet advertising some rich, private school that apparently Jack had his name down for since birth which had very creepily survived a fire that melted multiple heaters and possibly a fridge.

For some reason, Jack just wanted to laugh. Pretend it was all a joke. That it had never happened.

Because if you had told him only three hours before that his house was about to be set on fire and his uncle die- sorry, presumed as 'out of action' then he would've defiantly laughed at you. If you had him that he would be packed up in a flight because a phone call was received at the police station from a place that had apparently known where and when Jack was born and they where legally required to keep him. Normally, the police would be like, 'WTF?' but something was weird about the way the person on the phone said it. It even made Jack want to believe that he was actually meant to be in the creepy school!

So Jack was taken over from Phoenix, Arizona in about an hour's flight to some deserted place near the northern border of Idaho. He would happily leave Arizona and his old school for any reason, any reason but this. It made him even doubt the fire was an accident!

What am I thinking? Jack mentally slapped himself. If the fire wasn't an accident then why the hell would his uncle want to burn down a house? The last time he checked, Jack was sure his Uncle Al wasn't some psycho. That position was reserved for his mom. She had run of with some guy who she'd meet for a few years and when she came back home, with a baby boy at the young age of 22, they kicked her out. Who else did she have to turn to then her faithful big brother, Alexander? She had deserted the baby Jack and apparently ran of again, chasing a few dogs as she went.

But the weirdest thing was that the pamphlet was signed with a signature. Her signature probably since the last time he'd checked, Uncle Al's name started with an 'A', not a 'R'.

Now that was just stupid. Why didn't he even know his mother's name?

Jack gripped the piece of paper tightly as if it were the only thing keeping him on Earth. The sun outside was setting and cast a gloomy shadow on the mountains that scattered the golden plains as far as an eye could see. Trees rose tall and still, their leaves shaking slightly to the tremble of the wind and a dirt road ran down the slopes to what seemed like an old, ugly mansion, basking in the afternoon light.

And then the cab stopped so abruptly that Jack hit his head on the seat in front of him. The Cabbie turned back to him with a slightly flabbergasted look on his face, as if he had lost all knowledge he had ever gained.

"End of the road kid."


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