The Spy Life of Madison Kay

The Spy Life of Madison Kay

Madison Kay, teenage spy. What happens in a school for spies after an ancient terrorist group decides to try to kill one of the students. Justin, Madison, and David all try to live normal lives, but for spies that's not easy.

Chapter 3

Break Out

I woke up around mid-night. David was next to me. He must have also just wakened up, because he looked around and moaned as I shivered.
“Madison, is that you?” He asked slowly and quietly. I nodded and grabbed his hand. He squeezed it tightly, and sat up. We both looked around, and saw different things. I saw Justin tied to a chair, one of our teachers slumped down on the floor. David saw my uncle trying to get out of handcuffs, and my father chained to a wall. Something weird was happening.
“Who all is here?” my uncle asked.
“Madison, Justin, by the looks of it Mr. Rossiere, your brother, me, and that’s all I can see.” David said.
“Madison, do you have a bobby pin on you?”
“Yes, of course I do.” I said letting go of David’s hand and walking over to my uncle. He took the bobby pin from me, and then slid out of the handcuffs. He walked right over to my father, and unlocked the chains. David was cutting Justin out of the ropes.
“Mr. Rossiere isn’t breathing, and he’s bleeding.” David said looking at our teacher.
“You three need to get out of here. Don’t go back to the school.” My uncle said in a strong voice. David grabbed my hand while Justin made sure that the coast was clear. We slid out of the room and into a room full of wigs and clothes.
“Disguises,” I whispered. Justin nodded and started going through boxes. I grabbed a silver dress that was sitting on a rack. It was way to pretty to wear, so I grabbed a pair of knee-high converses, black skinny-jeans, and a low cut blue t-shirt. Justin worked on pulling on some baggy black jeans that looked like they belonged to some skater kid. David was pulling on a black and white checkered jacket. We all were wearing popular styles I guess, because both boys looked skater, and I looked like girls out of a seventeen magazine. I grabbed a black wig that was curled at the tips as the boys used a black can of hair dye. We looked completely different when we were done. It was amazing what a few outfits, and wigs can do to kids.
“Let’s go now; we’ve wasted a lot of time.” Justin said. David took my hand and we ran. I have no clue how, but we appeared in the mountains. We went over to a pay phone, and called a friend of mine.
“We need help,” Justin said when she answered. They talked for awhile, and he hung up.
“We have no help, who knows what’s happening back at the school, and our uncle and dad may or may not die tonight.” Justin sat down and cried. I tried to soothe him, but I ended up crying worse than him.
“Mad, it’ll be ok.” David said. I continued crying. Justin stood up and walked over to a taxi.
“Come on guys, we’re going on a little trip.” He smiled and climbed in. David grabbed my hand and we followed.

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