The Spy Life of Madison Kay

The Spy Life of Madison Kay

Madison Kay, teenage spy. What happens in a school for spies after an ancient terrorist group decides to try to kill one of the students. Justin, Madison, and David all try to live normal lives, but for spies that's not easy.

Chapter 2

Missing Staff

“Madison, be ok please be ok.” I heard someone sobbing when I regained consciousness. I pretended to still be blacked out, and surveyed my surroundings. Someone must have carried me out of the dining hall, and changed me because I was lying on my bed, in my softest sweats, and my largest t-shirt. David was holding my hand crying, Justin was sitting at my feet trying not to cry. My roommates were all lying on their beds doing their homework.
“Dude, you’ve been saying that for the past six hours, shut up.” Justin said.
“Both of you shut up, we all need to get some sleep, and if Madison wakes up we’ll all be right here waiting.” Rachel said.
David nodded as I squeezed his hand. He must have realized that I squeezed his hand, because he leaned down, kissed me, and pulled me close to him as he fell asleep. I fell asleep next to him.
David rolled over next to me the next morning and kissed me. He held me until I woke up and got ready for class. I quickly changed in the bathroom, while he and Justin went to change in the guys dorms. We met down in the dining hall, where David took me by the elbow, and sat down. Lots of people stare, David was hot, and I was the headmaster’s niece (Of course their going to stare). Maya was watching us closely, maybe because she liked David, or maybe she envied us. Whatever the reason was she looked mad. Justin was talking to Chad and Thomas.
“Ally, what did Mike really say when he found out about you lying, and that you actually go to the academy?” Megan asked Ally as they sat down next to us.
“He cussed, and then yelled at me and his friend. I snapped back in German, he called me a freak and ran off. That’s all fine by me, because I fell way too far behind while dating him last year.” Ally said laughing. It was a normal day at our school.
“Jazz, did you do your homework?”
“Madison, are you ok?” Everyone was yelling and eating. Someone in a black suite walked in and took my uncle’s seat at the high table. Justin shot me a worried look and went to talk to the man. Everyone eventually finished eating and headed off to class.
Rachel handed Annabell homework as we walked to class. Thirty minutes later, the teacher still wasn’t there, she also wasn’t in her room. (Mikayla swore that she saw a ninja star in the door though.) The bell rang and we went to our next class. Mr. Rossiere wasn’t there. Craig and Chris searched his room and brought back a bloody knife. (He always has a knife on him though.) When we went to lunch, there were zero teachers, and four different men in black suites. I hadn’t seen David or Justin since breakfast.
“Madison, you have to know something, the headmaster loves you.” Elly said. Everyone looked at me. The man who had taken my uncle’s seat earlier in the morning pointed towards me. Two of the other men walked over to me.
“Miss Kay, I’m going to have to ask you to come with me.” One of the men said. I stood up shaking a little, and followed the two men.

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