The Spy Life of Madison Kay

The Spy Life of Madison Kay

Madison Kay, teenage spy. What happens in a school for spies after an ancient terrorist group decides to try to kill one of the students. Justin, Madison, and David all try to live normal lives, but for spies that's not easy.

Chapter 11

Covert Operations Part 1

Covert Operations report
By: Madison Kay, Justin Kay, Rachel Morg, and David Ross - Here by known as the operatives.

7 AM- Operative Morg woke operatives Kay and Ross up way to early in the morning.
“We have to go to school in half an hour,” She snapped. Operative Kay rolled off of operative Ross’s chest. Operative Ross hugged operative Kay not wanting to let go of her. Operative Kay convinced operative Ross to wake up and get ready for their first day at the public school.

7:30 AM- The operatives all sat in the principal’s office at the public high school.
“Each of your previous teachers recommended classes that are very advanced. Sadly, we cannot allow you in those classes until after you have proven yourself worthy for the classes.” The principal said.
“Sir I don’t think you understand. In a way, we could have already graduated because we already know the material.” Operative Morg said. The principal gave the operatives a stern look as if to say we’ll see. He handed each of the operatives a piece of paper with their schedules on it. The operatives each spent five minutes memorizing the schedules.

Operative Kay’s schedule
Homeroom -Mr. Thompson 7:30-8:00
Lit\Comp. -Mrs. Series 8:05-9:35
Math -Mr. Wathim 9:40- 10:30
Spanish –Mr. Nitwit 10:35-11:30
German –Mr. Porsh 12:40-1:35
Science -Mrs. Poten 1:40-2:25
World History –Mrs. Cumin 2:30-3:15
Band –Mr. Nixen 3:20-4:00

Operative Ross looked at operative Kay’s schedule.
“We’re in all the same classes.” He whispered in her ear. She smiled and hugged him.
“No PDA on school campus.” The principal said. The operatives all left for classes.

4 PM- Operative Morg was caught kissing Chris Stanton, (hear by known as Subject 1) by operatives Kay and Ross. The operatives then argued about where to go for dinner.

4:30 PM- The operatives decided to go to the closest Subway. Operatives Kay (Justin) and Ross argued with operatives Kay (Madison) and Morg, about splitting up to make sure they didn’t have a trail. Operatives Morg and Kay (Madison) Won.

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