The Spy Life of Madison Kay

The Spy Life of Madison Kay

Madison Kay, teenage spy. What happens in a school for spies after an ancient terrorist group decides to try to kill one of the students. Justin, Madison, and David all try to live normal lives, but for spies that's not easy.

Chapter 1

Back to School

Madison Kay. That’s my name. If it weren’t for the fact that my headmaster is hassling me, I wouldn’t be writing this. I’m a normal teenage girl that goes to spy school. I go to the Bond Academy in Grand Junction, Colorado. It’s a private boarding school for troubled kids supposedly. It’s really a spy school.
My name is Madison Kay. I go to a school for troubled kids. My dad works for the CIA. My mom was killed a few years back.
Bond Academy is a boarding school for both boys and girls. The school was named after James Bond. A lot of people hear the story as the school’s creator was named Michael Bond or something like that. It’s pathetic, but no one has ever figured it out. Well, accept for that boy who crashed one of our tests. He broke into the school. It was a long night trying to clear his memory. Not a fun night.

“Welcome back students, we made some important security upgrades over break. This will hopefully ‘protect’ those of you who, shall I say are being targeted.” The headmaster looked directly at me when he said that. “We want to ensure the best protection for all our students.” He sat down and watched the rest of the student body take this in. I had already known about it, because: one, he’s my uncle, and two, after my mum was killed by an ancient terrorist group; he wasn’t going to take any chances. Everyone ate their dinner, gossiped, and got caught up on what happened to everyone else over the summer.
“Madison, are you all right? I heard that someone tried to kill you.” My crush David asked.
“Maddie just needs some sleep and a lot less people worrying about her David.” My older brother Justin said shooting him a death glare. He didn’t mention what happened to my ankle, or the concussion he ended up having. My father hadn’t been seen since the attack. David looked at me worriedly and walked away.
“Mad, we can’t tell anyone anything. It means lying to the girls.” I hadn’t said anything since the attack had happened. I was raised by spies. I knew that lying might be harder than ever before this time around. When dinner was over, my roommates and I walked downstairs to our room. No one said anything and went straight to sleep.

“Maddie, close the window” My roommate Annabell mumbled. I slowly sat up, and saw them. I screamed and lunged for a panic button that had been placed in my room above my bed. My roommates were up and armed with their knives. Our door opened, and my brother joined us. It only took moments for me to be thrown to my bed, have four members of the CIA burst into our small room, my uncle and six students take me out a secret passage way into my uncle’s office, and the entire school to wake up. We still don’t know the exact number of kids that broke into our school, but we do know that it doesn’t take much to scare the kids from town.
I sat in my uncle’s office alone for what seemed like hours, when David walked in. He saw me for the real me then. I had just gone through hell and back, and no one else had seen the bruises.
“Madison, I didn’t…” he started.
“You’re the first person to see any of them. Not even Justin has seen them.” I said. He sat down and kissed my fore head. I leaned on his shoulder and fell asleep.
A few hours later I woke on his lap to my brother and David talking.
“Are you sure?” David asked.
“Not really,” Justin said softly. I sat up and saw Justin, David, and my uncle.
“Madison, your roommates are waiting, go to bed.” My uncle said. I nodded, and stood up. Justin and David both caught me when I fell. David then picked me up (like I was a baby,) and carried me to my room.

Annabell, Rachel, and Elizabeth were waiting. David sat me down softly on my bed. The sun was rising and we had to get to class soon. David left our room without another word. My roommates giggled and started pulling out knee socks, skirts, and white blouses. Rachel tossed a brace at me. We got dressed, and went to breakfast. Justin wasn’t there yet, nor was our uncle though. David was there with his roommates. He was watching me. He pretended to look away when Justin and my uncle walked in.
“Oh my god Madison, you are so lucky. You have the hottest guy in our grade crushing on you.” Abby Lee said sitting down. I don’t think anyone ever heard my response, as sirens went off and David, Justin, Annabell, Rachel, Elizabeth, and my uncle all screamed my name.
The world went dark around me.

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