My Life As A Fat Teen

Ive always been a sugar addict but before it didn't really affect my weight. But more recently my habits have caught up with me. After gaing some pounds I love my new weight.

Chapter 1


I go to a Catholic school so everyone try's to 'love thy neighbor as thy self' but were 8th graders ;stuff gets around. Personally I've never heard anything about my weight. Just that I am annoying and talk to much and am always happy. I'm not the fattest kid or girl in my grade but I'm the slowest runner so when we run a mile every month I'm always come in last. I haven't told my best friend about this and don't really plan to. I'm 13 weigh 185 pounds and I have a chubby round pot belly that I love to stuff with sweets. Next chapter will be about my home life as a fat teen

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