Girls Perfect Themselves To Much

This is a story about how girls cannot deal with themselves, they can never leave without makeup. It is nothing to be to ashamed of, I've went through it to. But girls get to obsessed wearing makeup even to a place like the store. Nobody gives a crap how you look there, all you are doing is getting something and leaving. Its not some fancy dinner.

Chapter 1

Girls, this is for you.

I have went through this to. But I do not see why girls overload and pack on makeup when they are going to a place.
Jessica: Hey, Savannah! Want to go to the store to get a movie?
Savannah: Um, sure! Give me a minute! Savannah rushes to the bathroom and packs on makeup
Jessica: Whats going on in there, Savannah?
Jessica opens the door
Jessica: Seriously, lets go. Nobody cares how you look! I am getting worried you are obsessed in this makeup! It doesn't make you beautiful in the inside. Lets go.

In a survey, 69% of women in many countries.. will not leave the house without makeup. Girls need to have more confidence in themselves. All makeup does is make your outer appearance stand out more.
In my opinion, a girl who leaves the house to go to the store and dresses in her sweatpants and flip flops, and some throw on T- Shirt without makeup, is a very confident girl.
I would love to see a girl who expresses her soul, her inside self. I don't care what you look like.. if you are a beautiful, caring person on the inside you are very very beautiful. You do not have to put on makeup.
56% of women have anxiety about not looking perfect. This needs to END.


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