Thank you!=)

Just read pwease? Tank yew!

Chapter 1

Thanks all of you.

Okay just wanted to say thank you to all of you on here. Even if I don't talk to you. Thank you for giving me courage to get to talk to Tucker. Without you all I would never got the courage to speak to Tucker.

Today was a rough day, A really rough day. I cried through the whole school day and that is just not like me. I am missing my mother terribly. Pray for me please? Thank you. If I come off on you to kind of rude just ignore it because I am just upset I am so not meaning to come off like that. I am trying to be happier but this head ache I have right now isn't helping any. I just need to pray.

Okay well if you have your bad days like I am having today just remeber

God has a reason for it. We may not know the reason just yet, but someday, somday soon. We will know what that reason is. When that reason does happen it will be a great one.
I always say this to myself to keep going in life. It makes me want to keep moving cause I know there is a reason to what I am going through and I got to keep going on if I want to know that reason. Well just thanks for being here for me HUGS thank you for readin also. Message me if you would like to talk to me.=)


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