Story for EcoDude's Contest

Chapter 1

The Tree

When Serena woke up she dashed to the window. No snow? She thought. This whole Winter She had been waiting for snow. "When will it come!" She asked her cat Fluffy. "If only you could talk, you would say a lot." She said disaponitingly. Serena walked to the closet and grabbed her coat. "See you later." she said to her cat. " I am going for a walk."

* * *

Serena walked and walked outside for a long time looking for something to do. Whats that?
She saw a huge tree, and a boy sitting on a branch. "Hi." Serena said. " Oh hi, did not see you there." "Want to come up?" He asked smiling. "Sure!" She said. "First, put your foot on that branch, then pull yourself up on that branch." Serena did as she was told. "Amazing view up her." She said. "Do you always come here?" She asked. "Of course. Its my favorite place, because its nice and peace full." He said. "This tree is Really big. Did you ever get to the top?" She asked. "Once, but then i couldn't get down. I jumped and sadly broke my foot." "Anyway, whats your name?" he asked. "Oh yes, My name is Serena, and yours?" She asked. "Oh yea, mine Devon." I live in that forest behind this tree." He said. I live down that hill." She said. "Cool, But you walked pretty far to get here." He said. "Not really, I always go for a walk looking for something to do. But now i found something cool to do." She replied. Serena quickly checked her watch. "Shoot." She said. "I have to go home now. I'll see you tomorrow?" She asked hoping he said yes. "Sure, see you then!" he said excited.

* * *


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