For The Girls (Repost)

I find these sweet ^_^

Chapter 1

Read and Repost!!!

This is for the girls,
Who don't ever wear pearls,
Those individual girls,
Who believe in spitballs not curls,
Those few simple girls,
Who don't gossip about stuff,
Those girls who love and never forget,
And who won't let their friends hearts get broken,
Without smacking that boy with a bat.

This is for the girls,
Who try not to lie,
The girls who wish they could be boys,
Not girls.
Those lucky people,
Who have a sense of trust,
Who know that life is a gift,
Not a toy to be chucked.

Those girls who are strong,
Emotionally and mentally,
I write this for you,
For you are so strong.

We are beautiful,
All of us in one,
We are the girls,
Who know how to have fun.
Those girls who are boyish,
Childish and laughing,
Those girls who break the silence,
By merely laughing.

We don't have to be pushed around,
Are we toys to be thrown to the ground?
So stop being pushed down,
We are beautiful girls,
Don't let anyone let you down.
For you deserve that homecoming crown.

Boys repost this if this is true,
Girls repost this is if it describes you.

~All Rights Reserved to DogLover6232 on


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