My homeroom teacher embaressed Noah today.......big time.

Chapter 1

Haha, I just needed to get this out. It is hilarious. Okay so me and Noah were in homeroom, and he was like pushing me and flirtin with me. Well here is how it went.

Noah: Pushes me Watchu starin at biitch
Me: Shut up, God u get on my nerves Laughs
Teacher: Noah quit flriting.
Noah: Smiles and blushes
Ashley: Laughs insanely
Teacher:Noah, you know us teachers arent stupid
Ashley: Haha!!!!
Teacher: We know your a big flirt honey.
Ashley: almost dies of laughter
Teacher: Smiles and goes back to work.

Omg, I was rollin'!!!!!! Noah just walked to his seat and didnt say a word. WAIT......I know why my teacher thought tht. Well, Jessica wuz sittin with my teach on the bus on the way to the field trip. And she told her tht I liked Noah. And I wuz pissed. God, people get on my nerves!!!!


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