Jerusha was a young girl back in the 1800s when she was in her late teens to her twenties. She was growing up and began wanting things that meant so much to her, like getting a job, being on her own, and to love somebody. She wanted a man to love and care for her. When she met a man from England, they fell in love. But, soon, he was summoned back to England. Jerusha was brokenhearted, but the man promised he'd come back again. She waited, but he never returned. That's when she meets Zak in 2011.

Chapter 1

Finally Found the Right Man

I was born in the 1800s, but ending up in the future never seemed possible in my time. How could a young girl, like me, still live to the year of 2011, close to 2012?
My life seemed just...plain normal to me, I guess. I was born September 29th and I had one oldest brother, Cameron, my two older sisters who were only a year separate, Annabelle and Ray-la, and then my younger sister Rhondi. My brother, Cameron was, at the time in the 1800s, was about 24. My older sister Annabelle was 22, while Ray-la was 21, Rhondi was 10, and I was about 19 years old. I was in the study upstairs our house and Rhondi was playing with her dolls over in the corner by herself, silently. My older sisters were talking to each other as they brushed their hair. Cameron had brown hair, but it wasn't as dark as Ray-la's, mine, and Rhondi's hair. Cameron and Annabelle just had regular brown hair, not dark.
My sisters came over to me as I was drawing a girl, which was supposed to be me, holding hands with a man and we were looking at the sunset on the beach.
Annabelle looked over my shoulder, and made some kind of weird expression I couldn't name. I looked at her.
"What are you drawing, Jersh?"
I frowned. "A girl and a boy, staring at the beautiful sunset on the beach."
"The "beautiful sunset, she says," sneered Annabelle, glancing at Ray-la with her brush in her hair. "That's so silly. Who does that anymore?"
Ray-la shrugged. "Beats me. But, it's strange."
I sighed, frustrated, and turned to the window, my hand on my mouth, and I had slapped my pencil down on the paper, making a mark in between my head and the man's head in the drawing.
"Guys, don't make fun of Jerusha, now," a voice said, and when all of us turned, Cameron was leaning in the doorway, looking at us.
"We weren't," Annabelle said. "It's just a silly drawing she's making, that's all."
"Uh, that's making fun of me, so..." I said, but when Annabelle shot me a nasty look, I went quiet.
"Leave her alone, then," Cameron defended, being serious. "Go on. Be girly somewhere else."
Annabelle scoffed, then walked away, Ray-la following her stupidly as she brushed her hair. Rhondi had been watching, but then looked away and continued playing with her dolls.
Cameron walked across the wood floor, his shoes making loud noises, and then glanced over at my shoulder. I sighed and covered it.
"They're right, it's horrible," I groaned, putting my palms on my eyes, about ready to cry.
"No, they're not," Cameron said. He sort of sat down and put his arm around my shoulders and tried grinning at me. "You see, Jerusha, you've got talent that they don't have. This drawing you made is very beautiful. You draw what you feel, experience, and see. Sometimes, you can almost feel like you're actually there, and..." he looked at my hand, and then at me. "Is this what you want? To meet a good guy and have him fall in love with you?"
I was embarrassed, but I looked at him and said, honestly, "Yes. I want to fall in love with the perfect guy for me. But, I just can't find the right guy."
Cameron smiled. "Well, I think you will eventually. I think somebody will notice you, thinking about how friendly you are and how pretty you are. So, don't worry. Think positive about yourself."
I didn't know what to say, but Cameron just smiled, patted my shoulder, and got up and walked away and out the room. I looked slowly back down at my drawing and grinned. Cameron was right. I need to be positive about myself.

A miracle happened later that afternoon. My mother ran a hotel and lots of guests were coming in to stay for the night. I was down in the lobby with my mother while my sisters were gossiping about some guys in the ball room, who were wearing tuxes, drinking wine, and talking about politics. My brother Cameron was talking to some friends, and Rhondi was holding her doll and looking out the window in the dining room. I was getting something out of a cabinet and when I looked up, a man with blond hair, a white shirt, tux pants, and black dress shoes walked in. He had a beard a little and he was smiling as he carried his suitcase inside and came over to the table. I froze, getting nervous too.
"Hello, I'd like to check in," he says, and then smiled at me.
"Sure, of course," Mother grinned. "You can have room 8, next to my daughter, Jerusha's room. This is her." She gestured to me.
I blushed. I hoped he didn't notice. "H-hello."
"Hello, Jerusha," he smiled, then held out his hand. "Name's Robert Sage."
"Jerusha Howe." I shook his hand. "Um...should I help him to his room, Mother?" I asked softly to my mother.
She nodded. "Yes, of course."
"Okay, uh, follow me," I said nervously, leading him to the stairs.
"Um, do you, uh, want me to carry that?" I asked, looking at his suitcase.
"Oh, no, thank you, though," he said, smiling as we walked up the stairs. I could tell he was from England because of his accent.
We found his room, and I used the key to open the door. Robert had set his suitcase down as I opened the door, and then gave him his key.
"Wow," he said, glancing around the hotel room. "You have such a nice place for a hotel. The room looks much more comfy than the last hotel I stayed at."
I laughed nervously and said, "Yeah, I like the rooms too."
He put his suitcase on the bed and said, "So, do you live here?"
"Yeah, I live with my mother and father, and my brother and three sisters. They have different rooms, though."
"I see," he said, putting a hand on his chin, and then went over to the wood table, setting a piece of paper down. "Um, do you like to sketch?"
I was shocked. "Why, yes. I love to draw. I draw pictures all the time."
"Really?" he beamed, seeming as shocked as I was. "How ironic! Maybe, after I get settled in, would you like to come with me to the park and sketch some pictures?"
I couldn't think of a better request. I smiled. "Sure! Absolutely!"
He smiled. "Great! See you soon, Jerusha."
"Bye," I said, and left the room, heading down the hallway. As I did, my heart leapt, and I screamed to myself excitedly in my head, "Yes!"

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