Inception of the Rebels~Four Stories of the 1st Hunger Games

Four Girls from four very different districts are put in a game unheard of before, the Hunger Games, where they must kill for the Capitol's pleasure. The catch: there can only be one winner. How will they handle it? Who will be the final survivor?
My all odds be in their favor!

Written by animegirl3(me), snoutmonster, DamienMcGintysGal, and SnowLeopard. Enjoy!

Chapter 1



Name: Mellodie Collins
Age: 13
District: 5
Personality: Mysterious, protective, dangerous(or can be when she wants), emotional, snappy(at will), keeps to herself mostly unless she trusts someone
Appearance: little past shoulder length blackish-brown hair, large deep chocolate brown eyes, slight frekles, slightly tan skin, tall and lanky, athletic build
Strengths: climbing, running, bow and arrows, stealth, injuring people/animals
Weaknesses: killing, the dark, trusting the other tributes, hand to hand combat
Weapon of Choice: Bow and arrows, maybe knives and spears
Love Interest(if any): her district partner Cole
Mentor: Minerva Flight
Token: friendship bracelet from her friend Lillianna
Other: once she makes a friend, she is very loyal and will do anything to protect them

In_Tantum _Unus(DamienMcGintysGal)

Name: Lacy “Luke” Masters
Age: 14
District: 3 - Technology and weaponry.
Personality: Sweet and caring. A little wary of allies, but willing to take them if they prove themselves. Sarcastic and witty, and doesn’t really think before she says things.
Appearance: Lacy has spent almost her whole life pretending to be a boy so she could work in the factory and earn money after her father died. She keeps her appearance guy-style. Short dirty-blonde hair that parts down the middle and hangs onto forehead a little bit. Wide green eyes, tannish skin, average height (maybe a bit tall for her age), flat chest which comes in handy with her disguise. She keeps a bandage wrapped around her chest anyway.
Strengths: Disguises, sword-work, technology.
Weaknesses: Water.
Weapon of Choice: Two silver scimitars that have been modified so they can shine lights, heat up and boil water, and shoot darts through the hilt.
Love Interest(if any): No one, because if she dates a guy she appears hmosexual, and if she dates a girl she sees herself as hmosexual.
Mentor: Katherine Dominic. She knows Lacy’s secret, but urges her to keep up the disguise in the arena.
Token: A small letter opener from her deceased father.


Name: Roxanne Rodeer
Age: 15
District: 6
Personality: Funny,smart,cunning,a little rude,snarky,protective of people from her district.
Appearance: Shoulder length red hair,tanned skin,small feet,brown eyes.
Strengths: Knife throwing
Weaknesses: She never watches her back.
Weapon of Choice: Throwing knives
Love Interest(if any): None, she has trust issues
Mentor: ...not so sure :P you decide
Token: anklet that has 10 charms on it.
Other: She doesn't like heights


Name:Frost O'Connor
Personality:very quiet,thoughtful,very intelligent
Appearance:Short,honey colored hair with light sea colored eyes,slim build
Strengths: swimming,aim,speed
Weapon of Choice:Trident/or dagger
Love Interest(if any):none
Mentor:Senna Reef
Token:leather necklace with silver trident charm
Other:Mentor is older sister

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