Dragon Heart

Dragon Heart

Once an egg has been touched by a human, the human's scent rubs off onto the egg. The mother dragon then will reject the egg and no longer be able to tell that it is her own. That's why there are abandoned eggs sitting outside the cave, dying, and the mother dragon isn't doing anything about them.

Chapter 2

Glowing Rock

by: Free_Wolf
"Yes, Mom, I'm coming right back, don't worry."
"I trust you on that, Iona."
I set off into the woods with my basket. I was going hunting for edible plants and mushrooms.
I felt the soft grass brush my bare feet as I walked through the forest. I stopped and closed my eyes, taking a deep breath and letting the sweet, natural smells overwhelm me. I loved it here, it was my favorite place.
Suddenly, I heard a branch snap behind me. What could it be? A burglar? A Three-Horned Tiger? I hoped it wasn't a Hellworm...
I swept around, hoping it wasn't anything too dangerous.
A small, red squirrel was hoping amongst the bushes, searching for food.
I was mad and relieved at the same time. I sighed, continuing my own search for food.

I had arrived at my usual, personal boundary. The strange, lizard-shaped rock stood before me, telling me to turn back.
I was really upset. I hadn't found anything. What was I going to do? Should I keep going, or go back empty-handed and watch my family despair?
No, I wouldn't let my parents down. I was going to continue looking for food deeper in the dangerous woods.

I looked at the forest that lay before of me. It was darker than where I was, for the trees were closer together and kept sunlight away.
I felt a tinge of fear sprouting up inside me. I clenched my fists and walked into the shadowy forest.

At first, I was a little scared of the dead silence and the feeling of being watched, but I managed to get used to it. I had barely walked for five minutes had I found at least seven different kinds of mushrooms and berries. I actually considered coming here more often.
As I continued walking, the air got cooler, and the darkness thicker. I started thinking about going back, when suddenly, I heard a low, deep breathing.
I froze, sure it wasn't a squirrel this time.
The breathing continued, not changing. It almost sounded like a snore...
I realized I was close to a sleeping creature. Then, I felt a strange curiosity to what the creature was. Should I go check it out?
I wasn't sure what to do. Sure it was dangerous to go see, but what if it had eggs? I would be able to take one and sell it for a good price... Then I would be able to feed my family.
I tip-toed over to the next tree, making sure I didn't step on any twigs. I leaned over and peeked around the tree.
A huge, dark cave lay before me. The breathing was an echo, so I guessed the snoring creature was deep inside the mountain.
I quietly went over to the cave, peering inside it. Unfortunately, I didn't see anything. It was pitch black.
I decided it was far too dangerous to go inside, and to just simply go back.
As all my hopes were fading away, I saw a strange glow in the grass next to my feet. I bent down and realized it was a strange, glowing dark blue and purple rock. It had small, white dots to it, like stars, and reminded me of a night sky.
I picked it up and examined it, being careful not to damage it or let it drop. It looked very fragile, but turned out to be very hard. It had a scale-like texture to it. It surely couldn't be an egg. Why would it be outside the cave, alone and unguarded? Plus, an egg would never be this color.
I carefully slipped it into my basket and crept away from the cave, back home.

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