My Life Outside the Internet

Okay I decided to make this blog thing. I'll try to post everyday.

Chapter 3


Sorry I didnt write Yesterday, nothing really happened. So we asked one of M-man's friends and he said they aren't dating? But maybe that was a cover up. But I think I'm starting to like this other guy named Justin. He's really nice and sweet. I still like M-man but Justin is awesome. he just recently started sitting at our table. A bunch of my friends and I are planning to go see the Lorax when it comes out, I'm excited for that. I'm so excited because we had these games last week between all the homerooms and we get the results tomorrow. I made a bet that we would win. So anxious....
Songs for today,
Looking Up-Paramore
Diary of Me-Taylor Swift
I Want-One Direction (I just put this cause I love this song)

Talk to ya later,

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