My Life Outside the Internet

Okay I decided to make this blog thing. I'll try to post everyday.

Chapter 2


Today was pretty boring. But then something happened. Something that made me really sad and mad at the same time. M-man is going back out with his ex that he dated over a year ago. When I heard that, I felt so sad because, I couldn't believe he still liked her. I was mad because she broke up with him and she said she didn't like him so why did she go back out with him? I'm also mad at him because why would he ask her back out? She said she didn't like him. I'm just so frustrated, I felt broken when I heard. Today I had Mr. Ara, Mr. Momo, Mr. Charles and this study skills class which we've been waiting for a substitute for. We finally got one, her name is Ms. Pulu. Heres some questions you can answer in the comments if you want...
Did anyone see the Woman in Black? Was it a good movie?
Who's excited to see the Lorax? I am!

~Songs dedicated for today~
Addicted- Kelly Clarkson
I Hate Everything About You- Three Days Grace
Haunted- Taylor Swift

Post you tomorrow, Bye.

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