My Life Outside the Internet

Okay I decided to make this blog thing. I'll try to post everyday.

Chapter 18

Ahhhh Today was the best day ever!!!!

My crush likes me!!! And I think we're in a relationship.. I dunno but this is how it went... I was texting him.
Him-Hey I need to ask you a question... And please be honest with me.
Me- Ok
Him-Do you like me?
Me-Yeah a little
Him- Well I'll be honest too I like you too as you might already know.
Me- really?
Him- yeah
Me-Maggie and someone else told me but I wanted to hear it from you
Him- really? So now what do you think of me
Me-I think you're really nice
Him- everybody says I'm really nice
Me- well yeah all the other boys are jerks
Him- so do you think we could do something sometime?
Me-Yeah sure
Him- When and can it be just us this time?
Me-Yeah and umm I don't think I can do anything on the weekend because Maggie's birthday and I'm going I'm vacation.. So maybe after school one day? And I'm good with whatever
Him- ok we'll see
Me-yeah ok
Him- See you later

I was just soooooo happy. And yeah... :)

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