My Life Outside the Internet

Okay I decided to make this blog thing. I'll try to post everyday.

Chapter 16

:) happy days, happy days!!!

I've been having a very good week. Nobody come along and ruin it please!!! Justin didn't get suspended, Jacob is retarded. He came up to me yesterday and he said "Um.. Why is everyone saying I was suspended?" and I told him. Today couldn't have been more PERFECT. First we had social studies which passed by quickly. Then it was soo funny at recess! Serena saw the poster of One Direction my friend had just given me. She pointed to Zayn and said "Wow, he's really hot" and Jaime said "NO HE'S MINE HE'S MY HUSBAND" keep in mind she LOVES one direction, especially Zayn. And she said "I'm gonna tell M-man.." I'm not sure if I said this but Serena and him are dating. I'm not gonna call him that any more.. I'll call him Max. Serena begged her not to tell him. Max was there the entire time and didn't even pay attention and he started walking out. Jaimie walked out into the hall and yelled "HEY MAX YOUR GIRLFRIEND THINKS MY HUSBAND IS HOT!!!!!!" it was quite funny. Then we had an annoying substitute for Spanish. Well not annoying... More like CREEPY. He kept watching me and my friends and stood behind me for like 5 minutes. Then he would go back to his desk.... And come stand behind me again. Wtf bro??? Then I had Band. It went along dandy and well! Then lunch... I talked to Justin the entire lunch time. Then Maggie and Greg began to snicker, point and laugh at us. making hearts with us inside and stuff. They don't know I like him. Only Talisha and Olivia know. We both gave them disgusted looks and shook our heads. Then after lunch, he came over to me and leaned over my music stand and said "Hey thanks for the book.." and I looked up and smiled and said.."Oh... You're welcome." I had lent him Catching Fire. Then when class was almost over, he was gonna borrow his instrument and he wrote the first letter of his name then stopped. "Borrowing your instrument?" I asked him. "Yeah but guess what.." he said "I'm not even gonna write my name down!" I laughed and said "Wow Justin! You're so hard core and bad@ss!" then I had math. It was fun, we did a cool experiment and got to use fancy tools. Actually now that I think of it... There was something I just remembered that did bother me today. Do you guys believe that if you try hard enough, and long enough, you can succeed at anything? Well I do. And I said to my friends "You know, I'm gonna be famous one day. And I'm going to meet Taylor Swift, and one direction." Those are pretty wild dreams. But I'm determined, and trying hard. Well Maggie said no your not. And I said " yeah I am. I'm determined. If you try hard enough, you can do whatever you want." and she said "that's not true."
"Yes it is."
"Most dreams don't come true."
"Alot of them do."
"Most people stop trying before they make it."
"Well I'm one of the people who plan to NEVER stop trying."
"You won't make it."
"How do you know?"
"Most people's dreams don't come true"
"Well if you just dream they don't. You have to try. Most people who TRY succeed."
"No they don't, less than half the people do."
"Well I don't care what you say. I'm going to do those things and that's a fact."
We stopped talking there. I wanted to say this but didn't. I wanted to tell her that "people like you tell them they can't make it. The sick thing is the ones who don't succeed are the ones who believed those people." I wasn't gonna let that ruin my week though. Today was great, I hope the rest of the week is like that :)

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