My Life Outside the Internet

Okay I decided to make this blog thing. I'll try to post everyday.

Chapter 1


Today is presidents day!! No school! I'll start writing about school and stuff tomorrow. Since nothing really happened today, I'll write some people you should know that you will probably hear about in this.
Zoe- One of my best friends
Talisha- My super duper epic amazing awesome incredible unique bestiest besteset best best friend in the world. But she goes to a different school.
Greg- Not his real name but my other best friend
Maggie- I'm sort of still testing our friendship. She's done a couple things that's made me question it
Jaden- A girl who hangs out with me but I don't really like her. She won't take the hint!
M-man- I'm not putting his real name but that's my crush...
Talia- A girl I'm currently fighting with
Keagan- The other girl I'm fighting with (Talia's best friend)
Olivia- The girl I walk home with
Jamie- Not her real name but she's in a lot of my classes. She has some anger issues but she's still awesome
Summer- Friends with Jamie and Yen. Really cool
Yen- Not her real name. Filipino girl that's her nickname. She's hard to understand sometimes Friends with Summer and Jaimie.
Racquel- She's a tough girl. She's a girly girl but she's tough. Don't mess with her.
Sheniah- She's a biitch who causes drama and thinks she's all that. I just don't talk to her, but she always talks crap to my friend Olivia.
My teachers are...
Mrs. Crim
Mrs. K
Mr. Momo
Mr. Charles
Mr. Ara
Ms. Fitz

Sorry for all the fake names. People have super unique names at my school. I'll keep you posted. Talk to you tomorrow.

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