My Eyes

A Poem

by Anthony R. M.

Chapter 1

My Eyes

Look at me.
Look in my eyes.
Let me be.
Stop with the lies.

I'm tired, sore.
Beaten and bloodied.
But that doesn't stop you.
From telling me to do more.

I know I can't handle it.
I know it's not right.
And my poker face bit by bit,
It's slowly pulling tight.
It's becoming something I can't wear.
Something terrible, to hard to bare.
But look in my eyes.
I can't take it anymore.
I'm one with your lies.

I'm so fvcking sick of your voice.
Sick or your choice.
Sick of your face.
Sick of this place.

Sick of this hell you call a life.
Of the lies you tell.
And of my strife.
But I wont yell.
Not yet at least.
But I'm so close to break face.
And my inner beast,
Is ready to kill and leave no trace.

So when I snap.
When I just can't take anymore.
Prepare to see me fight.
Then just walk out the door.

Because one the anger subsides.
All there is left the numb part of me.
The uncaring part that makes me hollow.
And it's a part of me that you don't want to see.

Yet despite how I hate the numb part.
I beg for it everyday because I don't have the heart,
To live like this and feel everything there is to feel.
It's far too bad, far too evil, far too real.

So when you see me,
See my face.
Know that this isn't where I'm supposed to be.
An nothing will save you from grace.

Because behind my mask,
Behind my smile.
I'm a monster, and I bask,
In every little thing worth while.

Don't be fooled,
I'm not a kind person.
I've just schooled.
My thoughts and emotions.
I'm resentful.
I'm bitter.
With hatred I'm full.
An I'm a quitter.


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