Locked Up

This was actually written for a contest, so I hope you guys like it.

Chapter 1


1-1-3020- She didn’t trust him. He had betrayed her when her family disappeared. Her brothers, gone. Her father, gone. Her mother, gone. The same thing happened to the boy. The war ended when she was young, and everything was normal. Until almost whole families disappeared. The only people left was the youngest child of every family. Thirty families have already disappeared, and there are only ten families left. Over half of the adults who lived in town were gone. No one in town could figure out where the families went, as the fence was still as strong as ever. It was as if the whole town was locked up in a cage with little food. Nothing was normal, nothing.

1-4-3020- Elizabeth knocked on my door crying. Her family’s time must have come. That meant that thirty-one families were gone now. Everyone was starving. We were all alone in the world, or as I said before, maybe we were just locked in a cage. I don’t care anymore. I was the second person to lose their family to whatever this was. I was the second eldest in the town now without including everyone in the last nine families. Elizabeth turned six that day.
“Liz, I’m sorry to make this a short visit, but I need to go talk to someone,” I said. She nodded, and went over to Kelsey’s house. I quickly rushed down to Cale’s house. He was a year older, and was the oldest person here.
“Cale, we need to talk, now!” I yelled. He came out of his house, and saw that not only was I crying, but I was holding our journal.
“Who, and when?” he asked.
“Elizabeth’s family, about an hour ago,” I told him. He dug in the box of birth certificates.
“Elizabeth was born six years, and forty-five minutes ago, so, either its fifteen minutes before, or right when they turn six,” Cale said. We both lost our family years ago.
“I have to go check on them. I heard that Krista and Carlos are still fighting,” I told him. He hugged me, kissed my check, and let me go.
“Good luck,” he said.

1-7-3020- That’s all I needed when dealing with these two. Carlos tried to kill Krista a week after she turned six. It was a nightmare when you had to deal with them. Normally, Elizabeth’s parents would keep them from fighting. Now they were gone though, that job fell to me and Cale. I wish I wasn’t the youngest in my family. If I was older, I would still be with them. I missed them still, but I had Cale. I don’t like some of the kids, but they look up to me and Cale, so we have to be there to protect them. Neither of us liked it, but we lived with it, and were like… the first couple.

1-10-3020-I pried Krista and Carlos away from each other for the third time that day. Carlos quit clawing me, and Krista quit kicking me, about an hour after I pried them apart. I was used to this by now.
“Taylor, do you need help with them?” asked my friend Ryan. His family was still around, and that’s why he was still here.
“You get these two to stop trying to kill each other, and I’ll give you a prize… by the way, when does your brother turn six?” I asked.
“Chris turns six next week, why?” Ryan asked.
“Never mind, just get them off of me.” Ryan laughed and got Krista and Carlos to get off of me, and not fight. Ryan and I walked down to his house, so I could talk to his parents. They knew that their time was coming, but they weren’t completely ready. Everything in this place was messed up. Less than a week, and our population would decrease by another four people.

1-17-3020- Everything has been hectic recently. Ryan’s family disappeared on his brother’s sixth birthday at the exact moment that Chris turned six. I was there with Chris and Ryan, both were crying sad for what was about to happen. When Chris’s birth minute came, Ryan vanished. Ryan’s whole family vanished with him. Chris was crying even more. I picked him up and carried him over to Cale’s house. Cale was already expecting us.
“When,” he asked.
“The exact moment Chris turned six,” I said.
Cale took Chris from my hands and gave him a sucker and a teddy bear. Cale whispered something in Chris’s ear, and set Chris down. Chris ran down the block to the park.
“You’re good with kids,” I told Cale.
“Nowhere near as good as you,” he whispered in my ear, hugging me.
We had only sixteen more adults, and fourteen more teens, and it was the last year of them being around.
“We’re going to lose all the adults by December you know. By next year, it will be only forty people, and all of those people will be younger than fifteen,” I said.
“I know… by then, I hope we can figure out what happened to make this all happen. I want my family and all our friends back,” Cale told me letting me go. I nodded and started crying again.

5-26-3020- Three more families have vanished. We ran out of food.
“We ran out of food on February 14th, 3020. Taylor, people are starting to die of hunger. We’re not getting food from the state anymore, and the little bit of food we’re gathering up in the fields is almost completely useless. Hell, I’m not sure if we’re the last ones alive, but if we are…” Cale quit talking.
“We aren’t… or at least I hope not.” Something fell from the sky. It was a blue piece of paper that said. ‘Welcome to the games!’ This was the strangest thing yet.

12-13-3020- We didn’t celebrate birthdays anymore. It was a time of sadness. Cale was 15, I was 14. It was sad time. We got through it with everyone helping. Less than a month and there would not be another adult around. Cale and I were being taught how to drive by the last set of parents. There wasn’t much time to learn how to drive. Less than a week, we were doomed.

1-6-3021- All the adults are gone. We have absolutely no food. I was helping a kid with something today, and he vanished in front of me. Cale was right down the street at the time. He dropped everything and jogged over to me.
“What just happened?” Cale asked.
“Mike disappeared,” I said as another letter fell from the sky. ‘Through the fence is a horrible place. The boy was stupid enough to go there. It’s his fault.’
“Mike… sneaking out, that doesn’t seem like him,” Cale said hugging me.
“We have to keep everyone away from the fence,” I said quietly.
2-14-3021- One of the worst Valentine days ever, I’m not kidding. I thought last year was bad, this was ten times worse. We ran out of food completely. Kids started dying. I couldn’t handle it anymore, and Cale seemed the same way. Cale and I ran late in the afternoon, we were starving, and didn’t want to deal with the trouble back in town. Cale and I went through the fence. What we saw... it was unbearable. I saw my brother’s dead body... I saw Cale’s sister’s body. I only saw the teens though, which meant our parents were either still alive, or... I couldn’t handle thinking about it.

2-15-3021- We went outside the fence. Everyone knew that was bad luck. No one knew why. Cale and I were expected to vanish by the end of the day.

5-26-3021- I disappeared, and lived. My brother was still alive. Cale and his sister were still alive. Everyone from our town was here pretty much. I still couldn’t tell you why we all appeared here, but we were at the state. I didn’t understand at first… the president explained everything really slowly. I was worried about the kids back in the town. Cale was also worried, as were all the parents. Which reminds me, when I was with my brother Luke, he told me that our father died of worry the week after I turned six. I was crying. Cale and Luke both tried to comfort me, but neither of them could. It was my worst birthday ever.

6-13-3021- Everything changed. No one understood. It was as if I was completely alone. Luke and Cale were noticing that I wasn’t as close anymore. I was giving up, I couldn’t handle it anymore.

6-14-3021- This isn’t Taylor anymore, instead this is her brother. Taylor gave up. She gave up everything, life, and other things. Taylor killed herself. I wish she wouldn’t have, but I can’t change the past. I guess the games are over, as nothing is normal. Everyone woke up in town this morning, so it had something to do with Taylor’s death. I wish the past eight years never happened.

6-15-3021- Our world changed a lot. With Taylor gone... Nothing was the same anymore. Our old house had burned down, so I moved in with Cale’s family. Sometimes, when I walked past Cale’s room, I could hear him crying or lightly playing Taylor’s favorite song on his guitar. It always made me sad to hear him. I never knew what he fully felt for Taylor, but I could tell he loved and missed her. I finally gave up on listening to him crying or softly playing the guitar. I finally went in his room when I heard him. It seemed that my presence just mad him sadder.

7-2-3021- I swore I’d keep this up, but I’ve been really busy. Every now and then, I’ll walk past Cale’s room, and will hear him cry. Every time this happened, I would go in his room, and we would just talk about Taylor. He cried, and I tried to comfort him. It wasn’t easy though. He hurt, and I hurt. We talked, and tried to stay friendly for Taylor. Cale told me everything that ever happened to them while they were here with all the kids. I realized that Taylor had been missing our father since the moment he disappeared. She had missed me too, but not as much as our father. When she saw me, she realized how upset she was. That’s why Taylor left. That’s why she killed herself.

8-5-3021- Taylor appeared in the town today. She wasn’t dead; she had just run away. It wasn’t like her to act that way. Cale was scared at first when he saw her, but after he saw that it was really her, he was hugging her, he was crying, he was laughing. It was kind of cute. I wish it never ended, because once everyone figured out what was happening, everyone was cheering, everyone was happy. Taylor and Cale were laughing and crying. Everything was perfect. Until we heard the gun shot.

8-6-3021- Everything changed in moments. At least seven people fell on the ground dead. We were in war then.

8-7-3022- The war is over now. Only a few survived. Cale and Taylor were taken to the state. They haven’t been seen since. This will be the last entry, because as I look at this, I realize that I’m not going to be around much longer. Not with the state trying to destroy everyone in the town.
The state had fired at us, they wanted us dead. They are going to kill off everyone. I’m going to run. It’s my only chance. They can kill me after I deliver my message to the people. I have to give this to someone. Anyone. Continue the story if you wish, but don’t let the state get a hold of it.

Please, share my story with the world.


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