Gone (a fan fic)

What happens in a world where everyone is younger than fifteen? All the adults are suddenly gone.

Chapter 1

299 hours, 54 minutes

Lilliana was dozing off during third period math. Mrs. Porter was going off about the equation of a line again.
Suddenly Mrs. Porter was gone, and Lilliana had jumped out of her seat.
“Lil, what just happened?” Lilliana’s classmates asked her.
“One minute Mrs. Porter was there, the next she was gone.” Lilliana said. She stood up walked to the door.
“Everyone is wondering around the hallways.” She said opening the door.
“Where’s your teacher?” Lilliana’s older brother Luke asked.
“No clue, she suddenly just vanished.” Lilliana told him.

Mikayla flipped and heard her teacher say good job. Mikayla looked at her teacher, who was talking to Mikayla’s brother. Suddenly their teacher disappeared.
“What the heck just happened?” Mikayla’s brother Chris asked. Mikayla looked out a window, and saw some cars run into each other with no drivers in them.

Regan spoke quietly.
“Today is my 15th birthday, and I’m stuck at boring school.”
“Regan, don’t worry, we’ll go to a party tonight.” Nicole said kissing Regan. Nicole was suddenly kissing air. Regan was gone.

“Rose?” Mike asked looking for his sister. Rose suddenly screamed. Mike ran into the nursery where his sister was laying on the floor crying.
“Mum?” Mike called knowing that his mum had just been there. Mike picked up Rose and put her in her crib. He was only five with a two-year old sister.


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