The Evil Wizard

The Evil Wizard

Dragon-Wing and Butter-Wish are two bats who live in their own little cave, safe from the outside world, rarely visiting outside except to fly and gather food. They discover an evil presence of a legend that they didn't quite believe, but the proof is in the pudding--there's malice about. I hope you enjoy this unedited story I wrote as a mere 7 year old :3 It's not that great, I'm afraid, but the plot is rather good.

Chapter 3

A Spy

CRASH! Thunder sounded. Lightning flashed, and the sky lit up. Melfathel was scurrying between the trees, whiskers twitching, completely hidden from sight. His master the evil wizard, Mastego, had sent him out to kidnap a vampire bat with ‘a black body and wings that were solid blood-red all over’. Apparently this bat was in a cave with another bat.
Mastego had been mixing up one of his potions, and heard somebody call him stupid from his crystal ball. He got angry and turned to stare into his crystal ball, mentally daring whoever he had heard to say it again. He heard some arguing, but ignored it. Then he heard a different voice call him stupid again, and angrily ran to a box full of magical jewels. He paid no attention to his cat, Shadow, who was telling him that it was somebody else this time calling him stupid, and saying that it was going to find him.
Mastego taped Shadow’s mouth shut and grabbed a glistening green jewel from the box. He set the jewel in a small purple collar with places in it to put jewels in. It was Melfathel’s collar, which he had made to set jewels in so Melfathel could use the power of the jewel he was wearing. This particular jewel allowed Melfathel to transform into a human, which was very helpful to Mastego because then Melfathel could do his dirty work while he stayed at his tower, working on spells and potions.
Mastego grabbed another jewel, a yellow one this time, which allowed Melfathel to cast the spell that froze people and things in time. He also attached this jewel to the collar, and strapped the collar to Melfathel’s neck. Mastego instructed him to go find whoever had called him stupid, and make sure that they didn’t find him by freezing him/her in time and bringing him/her to the tower.
Mastego then looked into his crystal ball, and gave Melfathel a description of the creature, and to the smart, animal-expert rat, the description sounded suspiciously like a bat.
That was the reason why Melfathel was out in this storm now. He loved to use the time-freezer spell because it made his fur tingle satisfactorily, but he wasn’t sure if it was worth being out here, because lighting made his eyes hurt, and thunder made him jump in fear, thinking a rat-eating creature was on to him. But, Melfathel couldn’t tell this to his cold-hearted master. When once he’d told Mastego that he couldn’t kill an eagle on an evil mission because he was afraid the eagle might eat or kill him, Mastego called him a scaredy-rat sissy and didn’t feed him for a month. Melfathel was still skinny because of that, and it happened decades ago when Mastego was a young child, only about five or six.
Melfathel was reluctant about this mission as well because he knew that vampire bats drank the blood of small animals, and only a few very kind, polite elderly ones only drank the blood of dead animals. He fiddled with his collar and wondered if he would succeed in capturing the bat. He was frightened by thinking about how he would get the bat up the tower, if he couldn’t fly. The bat wouldn’t help, because it would be frozen. The only way to get to the tower was to take the old, rickety stairs, while in the human body, because as a rat, he couldn’t hold the bat. The stairs were unsafe because they could break under the combined weight of the bat and Melfathel’s human body.
This thought in his mind, Melfathel scurried faster, hoping to capture the bat before the stairs got older and more likely to collapse, wondering in the meantime--what was that thing doing here?

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