The Evil Wizard

The Evil Wizard

Dragon-Wing and Butter-Wish are two bats who live in their own little cave, safe from the outside world, rarely visiting outside except to fly and gather food. They discover an evil presence of a legend that they didn't quite believe, but the proof is in the pudding--there's malice about. I hope you enjoy this unedited story I wrote as a mere 7 year old :3 It's not that great, I'm afraid, but the plot is rather good.

Chapter 2


Dragon-Wing and Butter-Wish hung from the ceiling of Chilly Hollow, the cave in which they lived. "That wasn't a real owl. Just a stuffed toy that someone dropped off a building or something, uh…" Butter-Wish was repeatedly saying to Dragon-Wing that the rumor wasn't true and kept giving reasons for the owl, most of which were absolutely absurd. Dragon-Wing kept rolling her eyes with every single one of Butter-Wish's excuses, but this one was just plain stupid.
"Butter-Wish, why in the world would anybody drop a stuffed toy off a building? It doesn't make any sense at all!"
"Uh, because, uh…because they, um, wanted to give it to us?"
"That's ridiculous! Nobody could see us! We're black-bodied! The sky is black at night! If you want to find out the real reason for the stupid owl falling from the sky, why don't you go find the stupid wizard yourself!"Dragon-Wing practically yelled.
Butter-Wish started to cry a little. She knew that whenever Dragon-Wing used the word ‘stupid', she was mad. Dragon-Wing had used ‘stupid' twice. "Don't yell at me, Dragon-Wing! I'm scared, really scared, OK? I'm nervous, and that's why I have no idea what is going on! I'm making up reasons to calm myself down, and your yelling is doing nothing to help!"
Dragon-Wing was about to yell back at her, but seeing her best friend's tears stream down her furry face was enough to make her feel bad. "Wow, I'm sorry, Butter-Wish. I didn't know you felt that way; I thought you were making fun of my belief in the evil wizard. But now I realize you wouldn't do that. I'm really sorry, really I am. Will you ever forgive me?"
Butter-Wish sniffled and smiled a little. She pulled Dragon-Wing into a friendly hug. "I forgive you, Dragon-Wing. Now let's go find that ‘stupid' wizard!"
The two bats left the cave, soaring in the air and heading toward the castle, just as a storm began brewing and rain started to pour down.
"What did you say that the wizard's name was again?" Butter-Wish asked Dragon-Wing.
"I didn't, but his name is Mastego. He has a black cat, Shadow, and a pet rat that can do magic named Melfathel."

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