The Evil Wizard

The Evil Wizard

Dragon-Wing and Butter-Wish are two bats who live in their own little cave, safe from the outside world, rarely visiting outside except to fly and gather food. They discover an evil presence of a legend that they didn't quite believe, but the proof is in the pudding--there's malice about. I hope you enjoy this unedited story I wrote as a mere 7 year old :3 It's not that great, I'm afraid, but the plot is rather good.

Chapter 1


It was a cool fall night in October. The two best friends, Dragon-Wing and Butter-Wish were out in the dark night, flying around. Dragon-Wing and Butter-Wish were bats.
Dragon-Wing had blue-green, shining, scaly wings, much like a dragon's scales. Butter-Wish had red wings, solid blood-red all over.
Butter-Wish had a kind, soft quality, which gave everyone a nice feeling inside. Dragon-Wing was slightly less kind, but was very protective of her friends. She was also one to believe rumors and superstitions.
Both bats had black bodies, red eyes, and small, pointy little eyeteeth.
Butter-Wish said, "What a beautiful night! Look at the stars in the sky!"
Dragon-Wing started to say, "I know, isn't it pre--Oh, no! The moon's almost full!"
"So what?" Butter-Wish asked.
"So, the evil wizard, who lives in the old castle, comes out of hiding every October when there is a full moon. He mixes a magic potion and casts a spell on it which makes the potion swirl around the town, hypnotizing the townsfolk. The townspeople call it the Hypnotic Potion; because it hypnotizes people to do the wizard's bidding and makes them become his slaves! It is also said that he has a spell that freezes an object or person of animal in time, so that they themselves are moving but to everyone else they are frozen in the position that they had last been in while they were in regular time."
Butter-Wish said, "That's just a silly Halloween joke made into a rumor. If I recall correctly, Dragon-Wing, you were always one to pass on rumors."
"It's not a rumor!" whined Dragon-Wish. "It's true, I tell you, every bit of it! And if it isn’t, let me be hit by something falling from the sky, for Pete's sake!"
Just then, something did fall from the sky. The 'something' was what looked like a paralyzed owl. The owl's eyes were blank and staring.
"See? Frozen in time! It's real, the spell is real!" cried Dragon-Wing, pointing dramatically at the owl, which was by now far below.
"P-probably j-just a c-coincidence," stammered Butter-Wish. But she didn't sound too sure.

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