What Happened to the Other Characters? (A Hunger Games FanFic)

A story about what happened to the characters, like the prep team, Annie, Haymitch, Gale, Effie, Plutarch, Greasy Sae, Cinna (he is said to have died...you'll find out what REALLY happened), and Beetee.
Chapter list:
1. Gale
2. Cinna
3. Haymitch
4. Annie
5. Beetee
6. Greasy Sae
7. Prep team

And maybe all over again depending if I continue or leave their life alone and let your mind think of the rest...

Chapter 1


When the news came from District 12 that Katniss married Peeta, Gale couldn't marry.
He spent the next few years walking around in sorrow, ignoring random girls that loved him. The fancy job he had gotten was being a peacekeeper. He hated the job, but, right now, it was better than facing Katniss.
Sometimes he would point the gun to his head, but would be forced to put it down.
But one day, just one day, Gale ran off to District 12.
The beauty stunned him. It was better than before. Gale walked the streets but then heard a laugh, a famaliar one too. Gale hid behind a dumpster and walking down the street came Katniss and Peeta. Trailing behind were two kids...one with blond hair and gray eyes, the other with brown hair and blue eyes.
Then, footsteps from behind him. Gale couldn't hide, he couldn't run, he would be caught. He left District 2...wait. The laws were overturned, Katniss made a law that stated you could leave your district to vistit others.
"Hello there," a voice said. "What's your name?"
"Gale Hawthrone," Gale replied. "What's yours?"
"Fulvia Cardew."
"Fulvia," Gale repeated. The name sounded famaliar...as if said before... "Your Plutarch Heavenbee's assistant!"
"I was," Fulvia corrects. "So-uh- I better be going. Nice meeting you Pale-"
"Gale," Gale corrects.
"Sorry, I'm really bad with names."
Fulvia skipped away lightly on her tiny feet.
Gale was in love.
That night Gale lay in bed thinking about Fulvia. He lay in a Victor's Village house. The farthest from Katniss'. His family had died in the District 12 bombing.
Gale closed his eyes and the love was fading....His dream changed that feeling forever.

Katniss was leaving Gale for Peeta right in front of his face. Then, Katniss and Peeta started making out. Gale went for Fulvia, and they started making out. It was happily ever after until...Gale got so jealous he killed Katniss and Peeta. Fulvia left him and went out with Beetee.

Gale woke up in the morning and ran to find Fulvia. Little did he know, that this find would end horribly.


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