Avatar-the last airbender love story PART 1

Cheesy, i kno but i really want to do i so bear with me! My first story so be nice!
U r: chiara, orphan (as far as u kno) longe wavy blonde hair, blue eyes, gorgeous!! Curvy but slender, have no official home, been traveling with best frie d and "sister" kayla, and this is ur story..

Chapter 1

the beginning

by: Iamwestie
You feel a hand shaking your shoulder. Your eyes open and in front of them is you best friend, your "sister", your only family. It is now dark and the only light source there is is the moon. "chiara! Wake up!" kayla whispered, her green eyes glinting. "we gotta move" u finally get the message and pack up all of ur belongings (which is not much at all) and jump down from the huge branch you had been sleeping on."where to?" u asked. "dunno yet" was the reply. U laughed under ur breath. U both moved almost silently thru the foliage, being as careful as possible not to be heard. There was a war going on after all, and evil was everywhere. Suddenly, u heard a crack, as if someone had stepped on a twig. U and kayla whirled around, gasping as you laid eyes on what was probably the only air bender left in the world. 

"holy.." u started, "avatar.." kayla finished. "hi! Im aang!" he said "chiara." u said, relieved. "kayla" kayla responded, still slightly wary. "where r u guys headed?" aang asked. "not sure!" u responded, and right after the words left your mouth, u noticed ther were at least 2 more people and a large.. animal. "who is behind u!?!" u demanded, no longer very trusting. "o, those are my friends!" aang said, beckoning at the silohettes. Emerging from the trees, u saw a girl and a boy (definately water tribe) a monkey? and a huge... Bison??? "are you guys water tribe too???" the boy asked "sokke! We dont know them!" the girl exclaimed, hitting him in the arm. "OW! KATARA!!!" u and kayla both giggled, and introduced yourselves. (U learned that the girl was katara, the boy sokke, the monkey momo and the bison appa.) u like katara, although shes slightly bossy, and you think aang is really sweet, but u find sokke reaaaaally cute! "hey! U guys should totally travel with us to the earth kingdom! Since u guys dont know where you are headed.." aang said. U and kayla exhanged looks. "sounds fun.." kayla said. "im in!" u said, giggling. U looked up at sokke, caught him staring at you and blushed. "ok, well lets all get to bed!" katara said, breaking through all the laughing some time later. 

U go to your tent that u share with kayla, look at her and burst into laughter. "that was the most fun ive had in a LONG time" kayla said, still laughing. "i know! i feel safe with them too, like they arent going to kill us in our sleep or anything.." "thanks a LOT chiara! Way to put bad thoughts into my head!" "k, well im going to sleep. Nite" "nite"

The next day, u wake up and look over at the still sleeping kayla, then groan and force yourself to get dressed and go get brekfast. When u walk out of the tent, it still looks early, as the sun is just finishing rising. Sokke is the only one awake, so u go over and sit next to him, watching him cook. He doesnt notice u for a moment, then looks back and jumps. "chiara!!! Dont do that to me! U might make me ruin the food!" u laugh at his expression, and look over ur shoulder to see kayla stumbling out of ur tent, a dazed expression on her face, her dark red-brown hair messy but she looked pretty anyway. U looked over and noticed sokke staring at her, and laughed. "love birds!!" u exclaimed kayla blushed and gave u a half-hearted dirty look. U were going to really like it here.


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