Magical Love~A Hogwarts Love Story

The story of a full-blood, a half-blood, love, and a blooming friendship.

This is a story written by me (animegirl3) and amber_finnigan. Enjoy!

Chapter 3

Melody Blackthorn

Melody's P.O.V

"Melody, wake up now! We are going to be late for the portkey!" mom yells from downstairs.
"Ok, comming!" I almost forgot, we are going with an old friend of my dad's and his family to the Quidditch World Cup. I can't wait! I think they are the Xaviers'.

I get out of bed, and trow on my favorate pair of jeans, a tank top with a loose bubble-gum pink t-shirt over it, my faded pink Converse, and my tye-died green and black Slytherin Quidditch hoodie, which has Blackthorn and my number, 17, written in block letters on the back. On the front, it has the Slytherin Seal, a snitch painted on the front, because I am the seaker, and the zipper pull is a snake. I make my way downstairs, and grab a cereal bar to eat on the way to the portkey, and stick a waterbottle, rain-poncho, a notepad and some pencils, and some money to buy stuff with, all into my favorite navy blue backpack.

"Time to go, Mel," dad says, and we head down the street to the top of the hill at the end. As we near the top, we see dad's friend, and the portkey, which is an umrella this year. A girl about my age comes up to me, and I realize she must be their daughter.

"Hi, my name is Malu Xavier, what is your name?" she says cheerfully.

"Melody Blackthorn. Nice to meet you! Do you go to Hogwarts?"

"Yes, actually. I am in Ravenclaw. I'm guessing you are in Slytherin, considering your jacket" she motions to what I am wearing.

"I am, but I wish I wasn't. They all hate me,"

"Aww. That's too bad."

"Girls, time to go! You can finish your conversation later" Malu's mom tells us. We all grab onto the tattered black umbrella, and we are off to the Quidditch World Cup.

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