Magical Love~A Hogwarts Love Story

The story of a full-blood, a half-blood, love, and a blooming friendship.

This is a story written by me (animegirl3) and amber_finnigan. Enjoy!

Chapter 23

Never Trust a Drunk Dude

"You have lovely eyes," Krum started with. That was when I knew something was up. I try to scoot away without him noticing, but whenever I move, he holds my hands tighter and pulls me closer. Soon he has pulled me onto his lap and has tried to kiss me and do other weird stuff. Nothing was to bad, but I swear I think he had too many drinks. I struggle a lot, then finally make it out of his grasp and race up to my dorm and lock the door. The others are still awake and who knows where, so I am safe.

I change out out of my dress into my pajamas and crawl into bed, falling asleep.

I wake up the net morning glad that they had canceled classes. I change into a green t-shirt and shorts and throw my robe on just in case. I head down to breakfast and wander over to the Ravenclaw table to eat with Malu.

"So how was your little excursion with Krum last night?" she whispers, her voice hinting a little hate and jealously.

"Scary" I whisper back.

"What do you mean?"

"Well, I think he was drunk because he tried to kiss me and....and...." before I know it I am crying. I bury my face in my hands to keep the others from seeing me. I feel Malu hug me.

"He shouldn't have done that. We need to get revenge on him"

I peek at her through my hands, though I'm still crying.

"Let's start with this" I say as I pull out the gold necklace.

"I have an idea," she says as she drags me out of the Great Hall and to the lake. "Throw it in. That way nobody can find it"

I do what she suggests, and I toss it into the lake and wipe my tears. Then I look back over at Malu.

"Even this makes me feel better" I say, grinning.

So we head back to the Hall to finish our breakfast.

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