Magical Love~A Hogwarts Love Story

The story of a full-blood, a half-blood, love, and a blooming friendship.

This is a story written by me (animegirl3) and amber_finnigan. Enjoy!

Chapter 2

Character Info

Name: Malu Xaveir

Age/Year: 13/3rd

Appearance: Light brown waist length hair, pale-green eyes, 5'4", slightly upturned nose, and light skin

Personality: Loves to be center of attention, is always first to raise hand (along with Hermione), very smart, really loud, friendly to her friends, is liked by all professors

Wand: from Gregorovitch, thestral tail hair, beachwood, 11 1/2", vine-like going going up the sides

House: Ravenclaw

Other: she is from Sweden, near the Durmstrang Institute, her parents spoil her, Her mom is a muggle, so Malu knows many muggle stuff, she then moved near a wizarding village and is neighbors with Melody. Altough melody lives over a hill and farther away. She know lots of magical herbs and can make poitions easily, she is good at any subject but especially Astronamy.

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