Magical Love~A Hogwarts Love Story

The story of a full-blood, a half-blood, love, and a blooming friendship.

This is a story written by me (animegirl3) and amber_finnigan. Enjoy!

Chapter 1

Character Info

Name: Melody Blackthorn
Age/Year: 13/3rd
Appearance: long blackish-brown hair with a hot pink streak, large chocolate brown eyes, lanky, 5'2"1/2, slight freckels, paleish skin
Personality: sweet, loveable, innocent, outgoing, friendly, hates being the center of attention or being at the front of the class, has what you could call a slight case of stage fright
Wand: 10" cherry wood hipogriph hair with a pheonix tear
House: slytherin
Other: she is only in slytherin because of her family linage, all of her friends consider her as a fellow griffindor, hufflepuff, and ravenclaw, and her house thinks of her as a disgrace. sinca the golden trio are in 4th year, Hermione is like the older sister she never will have

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