Perfect Weapon (Sequel to Anything But Ordinary)

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Chapter 1

Back to School

My name is Alexia Pierce and I am an Archangel in training. But you can call me Lexi. All angels are split into two sides, light and dark. I am an angel of dark. Humans would have you believe that light is good and dark is evil but it really isn’t as clear cut as that. It’s true that most dark angels are bad but that doesn’t mean we aren’t capable of being good. In a year or so it will be my job to either protect specific humans or to seek and destroy exiled angels. Exiles are angels who abandon their duty and are forever on the run from Archangels. You see, when you’re in training you can choose to turn human. This means that you are free from you angel duties but you no longer have any special powers; you are completely human. But exiles, they flee with their powers and are a danger to society. If you were to catch an exile, they can surrender willingly and have their powers removed or they must be killed. I wouldn’t think much of this if it wasn’t for the fact that somebody I love is an exile.
His name is Alec and he was the first person guy I ever loved but I found out that he was using me to torture Dean. Dean is the other guy that I love. Alec saw how much Dean cared for me so he thought it would be fun to cause Dean an infinite amount of pain by forcing him to watch the girl that he loved with his enemy. Not to mention that he almost killed his adoptive sister, my new best friend aka: Vera, to keep it a secret form me. Eventually I turned Alec in for almost killing Vera and he was going to be expelled. Expulsion means that you will be turned human. Instead Alec exiled himself and took off.
This would have killed me if I wasn’t as strong as I am now. Strong is an understatement. Archangels are the most feared of all angels, we are the warriors of our kind. Most are male but there are a few female ones like me, Miss Stone and my mother, Cassandra. But even though I’m a girl I still beat all of the guys and was top of our class last year. Dean is also an Archangel but he is on the opposing side. It has been drilled into me that light and dark do not mix but I am yet to be convinced. Sure, most of those mofos are as annoying as hell but I think that if we really tried we could get along.
Last year was tough and this year isn’t going to be any different. Knowing my life, it will be even tougher but I’ll welcome the challenge.

I felt a sense of déjà vu as Vera and I stood at the airport with the rest of the angels of dark. So much had changed since this time last year. Even Vera had changed, her dark red hair had grown down to her shoulders and she had an amused look on her face as she watched the new angels whose sides were unknown stand sheepishly in a huge crowd.
“Remember when you were like them?” Vera jibed.
“All too well.” I replied, running my fingers though my hair. The other day Hope and I went to the hairdressers. Hope and I used to be really close but the fact that we were from opposing sides drove a wedge between us. We also had a few other problems but they were now long forgotten. We now tried to rebuild that friendship and I was long overdue for a haircut; my long, straight brown hair was now layered with a side-fringe.
Instinctively my eyes searched for Dean. I saw him with his Archangel friends for a brief instant our eyes met and I couldn’t help thinking that they were the most beautiful bright blue. I did what I usually did at times like this, I looked away.
Miss Stone lead us all out to our bus, she looked the same as ever; her wavy black hair was pulled back in a stylish ponytail and she wore a designer black dress that looked elegant yet business like and her ever present stiletto heels. People shuffled out of my way as we boarded the bus; I was the most dangerous girl in the school. Vera and I sat at the back with my dark Archangel friends; Eric, Mitch and Leon. They had changed a bit as well; they looked slightly buffer, more intimidating.
“Hey guys,” I said, sitting between Vera and Mitch. Mitch comes from a Japanese family and has the hairstyle of an anime character. Eric has brown hair with blond highlights and Leon has blond hair that he immaculately styles so there isn’t a hair out of place. I made sure that I didn’t sit next to Leon so that Vera had to. It was no secret that Leon was crushing on her; it was too bad that she had a boyfriend, Mark. Mark graduated last year so now he was out in the real world doing his job. I knew that their relationship wouldn’t last. Mark will be too busy with his job to spend any time with her.
I realised that this year would be my last year of freedom, to be a teenager, to have a life.
“Lexi!” Mitch sang in his screemo voice as a greeting.
I laughed and Eric asked, “How was your holiday?”
“It sucked.” I admitted.
“Yeah mine wasn’t too good either.”
We all knew what it felt like, not being able to tell your friends and family that you were an angel.
“Mine was epic.” Mitch sang again in his screemo voice.
“Are you going to keep doing that?” I asked. His screaming in my ear was annoying the crap out of me.
“Yeah” He screamed.
He wasn’t just annoying me, he was torturing the whole bus but very few of them were in any position to stop him. Archangels were at the top of the food chain here.
“Shut up, Evans. Or I’ll kick your ass!” Miss Stone yelled from the front of the bus. Miss Stone was our Archangel teacher and she could kick his ass if she wanted to.
“I second that.” I said; glad when Mitch started speaking like a normal person.
“Well what I was saying…” Mitch began but was cut off by Leon.
“More like screaming.” Leon corrected.
“My band got some gigs on the holidays; it was epic.” Mitch continued. I’d forgotten that Mitch had a band.
“Cool.” I said.

The bus ride passed quicker than I expected. I was quite entertained by Leon’s shameless flirting and hitting on Vera. Although every now and then the memory of me and Alec sitting together on this bus would flash before my eyes. I was so naïve back then; I laughed one cold laugh at my own stupidity. Eric raised an eyebrow; questioning but I shook my head.
This time I knew exactly what to do once we got off the bus. We forwarded off to the arena and sat in our seats. The headmaster began his traditional speech about school pride and the importance of our education. Most of it went through one of my ears and then out the other until something caught my attention.
“…This year there will be some changes to how the academy will function. As an incentive for good behaviour, there will be a competition between light and dark…”
This information caused a rumble of murmurs from the students.
“Points will be handed out for things like good behaviour and hard work and whichever side has the most points at the end of the year will win! But points will be deducted for bad behaviour. May the best side win.”
Another rumble came from the students.
“Speaking of point worthy things, last year two students achieved outstanding results on their yearly testing, making it on the Academy List of Honours!”
I clenched my teeth; I knew exactly who these two people were.
“Could Alexia Pierce and Dean Harper please come down here?”
Crap. I stood and walked all the way down the stairs and over to stand next to the headmaster, Dean did the same. Well if I had to come up here, at least I was wearing a nice outfit made up of strappy stiletto heels, dark jeans and a layered white top.
“Alexia and Dean both scored over ninety-nine percent on their Archangel tests, making it on the Academy List of Honours. Its achievements like these that will score you lots of points. For their efforts I’m awarding both sides ten points each!”
There were two huge boards on the wall that I hadn’t noticed yet, one labelled LIGHT and the other labelled DARK. Suddenly the number ten appeared on both boards.
The headmaster waved us off and we quickly went back to our seats. It was time for the sorting ceremony to begin. I watched kid after kid step through the archway and go to their side. There were three new Archangels; all guys of course. They chose to sit near me because I looked harmless whereas the other guys looked like they could tear them apart. They would soon learn that they should fear me the most.

It felt good to be back in the school uniform. I’d grown so accustomed to it. When you thought about it; some angels of dark look like a bunch of goths. Our uniforms are black and most of them have dark hair and/or goth haircuts. It gave us a cool image. I walked to class with Eric, who was being his usual creepy self. He kept stepping on some light first year’s shoe and the kid didn’t know what to do about it so he ignored it. Mitch then caught up to us and joined in scaring a bunch of first years. He screamed a screemo scream at them and I couldn’t help myself; I punched him in the face. His screaming had got on my last nerve. The first years didn’t know how to react, they settled for laughing until I glared at them and they quickly ran off.
Mitch’s nose was already healed by the time our training began. Miss Stone was giving the new Archangels the same lecture she had given us last year while Mr Craven took us away to begin our training. I realised that this year we would have Mr Craven instead of Miss Stone as our teacher. I was so devastated; Miss Stone was my favourite teacher. Today we were all fighting at once, the last one standing wins. Miss Stone brang the new kids out to watch us.
I let my big raven black wings unfurl and took out my weapon, using my mind to turn it into a huge battle-axe. It was time to live up to my reputation. When it began we worked together to eliminate the angels of light. Eric and I worked together to cut down a couple angels of light until Eric was almost decapitated by Dean. I sensed something flying towards me from behind, it was a volley of arrows. I quickly used my wings to shield myself and the arrows bounced off them ineffectually. This had given Dean the perfect opportunity to attack me while I was distracted but he didn’t. I didn’t want to hurt him either, instead I settled for working together with Dean to incapacitate the two remaining Archangels until it was just us left. Now we had no chance but to fight, I swung my axe at his head, he blocked me and made a swipe at my stomach. Hit after hit we took from each other until I finally won.
“Two points to dark.” Mr Craven awarded grudgingly. I didn’t need to be in the arena to know that that brang our total to twelve.
By the end of the day our side was back to zero points. Teachers were adamant in taking points off for bad behaviour. Maybe beating light was going to be harder than I thought.

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