be proud

be proud

people to much say things to hurt people and they dont like them selves but i think every one should be proud of who you are no matter what so here is where you can be your crazy,random,syco,hyper,sad, wat ever self make a chapter that is you ;P

Chapter 1

being you

by: canaan
If you're bisexual, you're confused. If you're gay, it's a sin. If you're skinny you're on drugs. If you're fat, you look nasty. If you're dressed up, you're conceited. If you dress for comfort you're a slob. If you speak you're mind, you're weird. If you don't say anything, you're a punk. If you are sweet to strangers, you are fake. If you cry, you're a drama queen. If you have male friends, you're a whore. If you have female friends, you're a player. YOU can't do anything without being criticized. We live in a society where people can't survive if they're not judging the next person... If you're proud of who you are then copy and send it to your fans. " by BrookeErinMelton

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