I'm gonna see Mindless Self Indulgence!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Aight, i dunno lol

Chapter 1


by: Herzeleid
Aight, so it's not my favorite band or anyhing (that's Rammstein) and I've seen Rammstein before and have tickets for one of their shows in April... But that's not the point.
The point is, Mindless put on a great live show (I've seen videos) and I don't feel like waiting 69 days for Rammstein because I have nothing planned for that amount of time... so 20 days until MSI!!! I'll be seeing them in NY on 3/11!!!
My parents didn't want to take me but then I went to my room crying and crying in the dark always works xDD
U jelly?????????
Lol I had a Mindless shirt somewhere... but I dunno what happened to itttt -______- lol whatever.
So yreah. Peace.


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