Forbidden Love (A Pansy Parkinson Love Story!)

Forbidden Love (A Pansy Parkinson Love Story!)

Hey, welcome to my story Forbidden Love! YOU will love reading it and wont be able to put it away.
Here's some details about your character:

Name: Pansy Parkinson

Age: Eleven

Looks: Hair-> black, short bob-cut with bangs. Eyes-> Dark brown. Height-> Really small

Blood: Pureblood

Family: Father-> Cassius Parkinson. Mother-> Rose Parkinson.

That's all you need to know for now, keep on reading to find out more. Hope you enjoy the story! Comment and rate nicely please! :) xxx

Chapter 3

Neville Longbottom- The lost-looking, kind, pureblood-traitor boy!

"Ready Pansy?" Sophia asked me, I nodded my head in replie. We were travelling by the floo network, which I had used about a hundred times before. I dont like the floo network because if you dont say where you wanted to go clearly then you would be brought to another place. It could be miles away from where you actually wanted to go.

I stepped into the fireplace, picked up some floo powder and shouted "Dia-ahh choo-gon-hem ahem- alley!" I had known at once that something had gone totally wrong...As I was shouting Diagon Alley a peice of powder had flown into my throat and made me sneeze, then cough so I couldn't say Diagon Alley clearly. As usual though I was zooming through the floo connections so it couldn't be that bad, I HOPED.

BANG! I had landed on a cold marble floor, a sharp pain shot through my arm where I had fell. I made myself stand up and look around to see if I knew where I was, I did. I was in a shop called `Bett's Scary Sales!`, my mother and father had often brought me to this shop even though I didn't like it. My parents had told me that it didn't matter what I WANTED but what did matter was the RESPECT coming from this shop. I couldn't see any respect to be honest with you.

"Parkinson Junior how may I help you today?" the shop owner (Betty) asked me. I looked away and said "No thanks, I'm not here to buy anything today," then I just walked out of the shop without looking back. A dull, damp, smoky air hit my lungs as I entered the main street of Knockturn Alley. Knockturn Alley was next to Diagon Alley but the two Alley's differed from each other. Knockturn Alley was full of Dark Art's.

I had been in Knocturn Alley a lot of times before, so much that I could walk around the place with my eyes closed. I knew the people that hung around here and they knew me, too well. As I walked past one of the shops a drunk man named Jehana yelled "Pansssssssssssssssssssss! Wanna add a t into that? Then you get PAAAANNNTTTSS! I'd take mine off for you!" I glared at the man and then walked away. Not too long after I stumbled into a lost-looking boy....

"Are you alright?" I asked him, he didn't look alright.
"No not really! I was meant to go and get a toad but-but-but I got lost and-and-and"
"Dont worry, you'll find your way back. I'm Pansy!"
"Pretty name, Neville Longbottom!"

I had heard of his second name before, he was a pureblood traitor. I really wanted to talk to him but my father would kill me if he ever found out. I had to somehow get away without seeming mean. "Pansy what are you doing down here?" someone shouted from behind me, it was my auntie.
"The floo network brought me to Betty's shop! Oh this is Neville, he's lost. Neville this is my amazing auntie Sophia!" I began the introductions, I HAD to help Neville. They both began talking to each other and Sophia showed Neville how to get back to Diagon Alley.

"Is that your boyfriend?" Sophia asked and then laughed. "Ah no, I only walked across him a little while ago. He was lost and I wanted to help him." I told her suddenly she hugged me and said "Come on, your a great girl. Dont forget that, ever." Then we both walked off, smiling. I loved my auntie to bits and I never wanted to lose my great friendship with her. The rest of the day went past really quickly but not without laughter and love. I ended up getting five ice-creams and all my books, but no pets.

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