Forbidden Love (A Pansy Parkinson Love Story!)

Forbidden Love (A Pansy Parkinson Love Story!)

Hey, welcome to my story Forbidden Love! YOU will love reading it and wont be able to put it away.
Here's some details about your character:

Name: Pansy Parkinson

Age: Eleven

Looks: Hair-> black, short bob-cut with bangs. Eyes-> Dark brown. Height-> Really small

Blood: Pureblood

Family: Father-> Cassius Parkinson. Mother-> Rose Parkinson.

That's all you need to know for now, keep on reading to find out more. Hope you enjoy the story! Comment and rate nicely please! :) xxx

Chapter 16

Relaxing :)

We walked up to our dorms, dragging our bags behind us. My cat was in the bag probably sleeping, she loved lying in there. "Wonder who else is going to be in our room?" Millicent wondered out loud in curiosity. "I don't think it is in name order, maybe they put people who have the same birthday in together?" It only took us a few minutes to walk up to number one. When we walked in there I immediately saw ten green beds: ghastly green covers and silver posts with silver and green blinds. So there was going to be eight girls that I did not know, I would need to be really friendly.

There was no-one else here yet so I could have a few minutes to take it all in without people I didn't know looking at me. I sighed and tried to relax my muscles but they wouldn't. "I guess we get to pick our own beds because we're here first, whoooo hoooo!" she screamed and ran to one of the beds, I followed her, she had picked the one next to the wall. "I'm guessing you like sleeping next to the wall?" I asked her, messing around. She had thrown her bag underneath the bed and was lying fully spread out. "Ever since I was born I've slept next to the wall, don't know what it is but it attracts me, makes me feel safe. Anyway, throw your bag on the bed next to mine, there's still no-one else here."

I believed her and (without looking and forgetting about my kitty cat) threw my bag over my shoulder and onto the bed, I wished I hadn't. First of all there was a big BANG! Then I heard someone shout "AAAAHHHHHH my ARM!" and a miaow followed that. I quickly turned around and gasped, not only had I thrown my bag onto a poor girls arm, that girl was the most beautiful girl I had seen in....Ever! She had long, sleek, thick, rich looking blonde hair and her face had NO spots on it, not one single spot. There was a friendly glow coming from her cheeks, no it was NOT blusher and a twinkle in her eyes. When she stood up from the bed I saw that she was really thin, she had curves in all the right places and overall she seemed so amazing.

I couldn't move, I couldn't even apologize, I was hypnotized by her. "Owwww, I think my arm is broken, do you have a cat in that bag?" the girl asked me, a varied expression on her face. Millicent burst out laughing in a mean way and said "You're sooooo UGLY!" I snapped back to reality, ignored Millicent's comment which wasn't true at all and said "oh, I'm soooo sorry, I didn't know you were sitting there. If I knew I wouldn't have thrown it, I just thought that it was me and HER in the common room!" I pointed back at Millicent, joking.

"It's okay, I'm not hurt."
"Are you sure? You can have that bed." I offered, walking over to my suitcase to check if my cat was alright.
"Oh no, I wouldn't take it on you. Is your cat okay?" She smiled a genuine smile, I was starting to really like this girl. I took my cat out of the bag and rocked her in my arms, she began purring.

"I'm guessing she's grand, I'm Pansy Parkinson by the way." I introduced myself kindly. "Hey Pansy, I'm Daphne Greengrass. What's your name?" she asked Millicent but all she got in return was a grunt. I felt awkward, it was obvious that she didn't like Daphne. There was a deep silence in the room and Daphne was the one to break it "emm...I think I'll go and find my sister." So she had a sister, I wondered was she in Slytherin. "You have a sister?" I asked out of curiousty, I had always wanted to know what having a sibling was like.

"I'm an identical twin actually," she admitted , grinning. Right on time another girl strutted into the common room who looked exactly like Daphne, I guessed it was her twin. "Hey, I'm Pansy, Pansy Parkinson," I introduced myself by reaching my hand out to the girl who had walked up to Daphne, she was just as good-looking but didn't have a friendly vibe to her. "Come on now DAPHNE, we can't be hanging around HERE with people we DON'T know." the girl growled. It frightened me.

"But Astoria, I know these girls and-" Daphne tried to reason with her sister but she wasn't allowed. "NO. They MAY be nice and wonderful and all the rest but YOU can talk to them LATER." Astoria (well at least that's what I think her name is) grabbed her sister's arm and began dragging her away from me. I stared at them with a puzzled look, why on earth did Astoria not want Daphne to talk to me? It didn't make any sense because I had never known either of them.

"I'll talk to you later Pansy!" was Daphne's last words before she was dragged off by Astoria. What was I supposed to do? Stay here or go out of the common room? Well there was defiantly two things I NEEDED to do, ask Millicent why she was being horrible and ask Astoria what she had against me, there HAD to be a reason why she didn't like me. I decided to ask Millicent first, it made sense to. "Hey Milli?" I began nervously. "Yeah, what is it?" I was about to ask her when an image of Draco came into my head, he obviously wouldn't want me to pick a fight with her and I wanted to keep him happy so I quickly changed what I was going to say. "Would you like to hang out in the common room or stay here?"

"It's up to you, wherever you want to go, I'll go."
"I want to go out for a while, few hours maybe, then come back in here and relax." I suggested and we walked out of the room, arm in arm. Once I got out there I saw Draco and walked straight over to him, he greeted me with a hug. "Hey Pansy, let me introduce you to a few people," he started introducing me to nearly the whole common room, I only remember a few, a dark boy called Blaise Zabini, a red headed girl called Hannah Murray and another boy called Louis Nolan.

"And finally we have the beautiful Astoria Greengrass," he said and almost started drooling, it hurt that Draco could call someone beautiful in front of me...I knew that I wasn't beautiful, not in the slight, but I DID think that Draco-well...Me loving Draco so much, him calling me babe and THEN him calling someone else beautiful that is sore because it means he isn't attracted to JUST me.I'm not special enough for him. I didn't blame him for thinking that she is beautiful, because she is but she was also the person I wanted to talk to.

"Astoria this is Pansy, Pansy this is AAAASSSTTTOORRRIIIAAA!" Draco yelled. I smiled nervously. "We've met each other before," Astoria said, not a smile on her face. "Can I ask you something Astoria?" I asked her in a quiet voice, she hesitantly walked to two chairs that no-one was near. We both sat as she said "what is it?" in a weirded tone. I took a deep breath and told her what I needed to "earlier on in the common room when you first came in you weren't acting exactly...FRIENDLY. I was just wondering do you not like me or something?"

A panicked look came across her face, I wondered why. "I don't not like you, I barely know you so I can not judge you."
"That's what I thought but why were you in such a horrible mood earlier?"
"Truth be told, I'm not used to my sister talking to other girls, it's only ever been her and I." She didn't look like she was telling the truth.
"Are you sure?"
"I told you that I don't have anything against you, believe me." She stared deep into my eyes, I believed her immediately.

The rest of the evening went quickly enough, I mostly hung around by the fire talking to people and sometimes simply watching people. I had to admit that being an only child had never taught me anything about people my own age, it was interesting to watch their reactions to various situations. "And what about you Pansy?" I was pulled back into reality by Hannah asking me a question. I was sitting in a large group of people including the two twins (I was squeezed in a chair with Daphne), Draco, Blaise, Hannah, Louis and a few different people. "What about me?" I wondered out loud in a friendly tone.

"What was your life like at home? What's your family like? Any brothers, sisters?"
"No actually, I'm an only child. My life at home, well, it wasn't too interesting."
"Really? For a girl like you, I would have thought that your life is nothing but exciting. I have THREE brothers and FIVE sisters." Louis told me, he seemed interested in my life. I was about to answer when Draco shouted "WHAT THE HELL DO YOU MEAN BY T.H.A.T? YOU AREN'T ALLOWED TO FLIRT WITH PANSY! NO-ONE IS! SHE DOESN'T LIKE YOU OR ANYONE APART FROM ME SO COP ON BEFORE YOU WASTE YOUR TIME! IF YOU CAN'T STOP THEN DON'T TALK TO HER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

I gasped, thank God I was sitting on a chair for I would have fainted otherwise. Why was Draco warning Louis not to talk to me? Louis was a nice guy who had a cunning but kind personality, I wanted to be friends with him but for some reason Draco wasn't allowing that and he had told everyone I liked him. I do like him but it wasn't only him, half of me wanted to be with Neville...even after an evening spent with Slytherin's.

"D-D-D-Draco," I managed to get out, what I didn't understand was he called Astoria beautiful and Louis couldn't even take a simple interest in my life, was that fair? At all? I didn't think it was and I felt extremely ashamed and embarrassed. "Are you okay Pansy?" inquired Daphne, she sounded shocked and afraid for me. I shook my head slowly. "Pansy don't worry about Draco, he's probably just-em...feeling wrecked?" Louis said in a protective voice, that set Draco off.

"WHAT DID I JUST TELL YOU?!?!? MY FATHER WILL HEAR ABOUT THIS AND YOU WILL BE IN A LOT OF TROUBLE!!!! NOW CLOSE YOUR UGLY MOUTH!" Draco went to punch Louis in the face but something inside me made me jump in front of Louis and I took the blow. His fist ended up hitting my right cheek and pushing me onto Louis' lap. At first I didn't feel any pain, all I felt was a damp cheek, then came the piercing, stabbing pain and after that was a surge of embarrassment, I had been feeling that a lot today.

"Oh my goodness," Astoria and Daphene chorused. Hannah's mouth dropped and she wouldn't close it, she couldn't talk. I heard several echo's of laughter and people shouting "go on Draco! Show them not to cheat!" So people thought that I was a cheater when I wasn't, I wouldn't do that, not now not ever. Daphne jumped up from her seat and touched my shoulder "Pans' you're bleeding, come on we are going to the dorm, you need to get out of here." I tried to stand but wobbled, I was soooo dizzy. "I'm really sorry Pansy, I should have taken the punch, are you okay? Of COURSE you're not, I am so stupid!" Louis apologized, I looked at the floor awkwardly.

"Louis YOU shouldn't be apologizing, HE should be! And you are defiantly NOT stupid!" I shouted out in anger, yeah my emotions were changing fast. I didn't care if I was wobbling or not, I walked straight over to Draco and said "I would have thought your amazing father would have taught you that it's not GENTLEMANISH to hit a girl!" Now I stared at everyone who had shouted and continued talking "A girl who hasn't cheated on anyone ever and she never would! That girl happens to be me by the way!" I stomped my way towards the dorm, I tried to walk with a swag but nearly ended up falling. Daphne rushed over to me and I could feel her picking me up, we both headed towards the dorm. When I got in there I collapsed on the bed and didn't say anything. What a fantastic day.

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