Forbidden Love (A Pansy Parkinson Love Story!)

Forbidden Love (A Pansy Parkinson Love Story!)

Hey, welcome to my story Forbidden Love! YOU will love reading it and wont be able to put it away.
Here's some details about your character:

Name: Pansy Parkinson

Age: Eleven

Looks: Hair-> black, short bob-cut with bangs. Eyes-> Dark brown. Height-> Really small

Blood: Pureblood

Family: Father-> Cassius Parkinson. Mother-> Rose Parkinson.

That's all you need to know for now, keep on reading to find out more. Hope you enjoy the story! Comment and rate nicely please! :) xxx

Chapter 1

Interesting Introductions!

I gazed up towards my treehouse, it was my most favourite place to hide when things were going wrong. This time my parents were fighting, yet again. It was over something that my father had said, he was ALWAYS saying something wrong but that normally didn't influence their love towards each other. My father had made my treehouse when I was only four years old.

I usually came up here once a week to reflect on things that had happened or things that were going to happen. Today was diffrent though because I felt like something was going to happen, I didn't know how I thought that, I mean I cant tell the future but I just had a strange feeling. As I was thinking this I heard my mother rushing out to the garden and over to my treehouse. "Pansy? Pansy are you up there? Darling come down for a minute, I have something to show you!" called my mother loudly.

Before I tell you any more of the story I should probaly start telling you about myself. If a passer by were to look at me they would think "She's small, she's useless, she's weak and she's just AVERAGE!" That would be a lie though.. Yes, I AM small but that doesn't mean I'm worth less than everyone else. People used to skit me when I was younger but that was only because I could do things that they couldn't, some people might call it magic or some people might call it freaky. I knew what it was though..It was magic, REAL magic. I am a witch and so is my mother, my father is a wizard. They both attended Hogwarts school of Witchcraft and Wizardary, that's where they learnt how to control and use magic. I suppose that's all you really need to know about me, FOR NOW. Lets get back on with the story.

When my mother called me to come down to her I did what I was told, I jumped down the steps three at a time. "Yes mother?" I asked curiously, wondering what she wanted to show me. "Inside and sit down," said my mother in a stern voice, now I didn't want to see what she had to show me because I had a feeling that it would be bad, very bad. My mother is a honest witch but she can be mean when she wants to. She does NOT like anyone apart from pureblood's, my whole family is the same.

A pureblood is a witch or wizard who mainly has no Muggles (non-wizard and non-witches) in their family. My family is full of purebloods and I have been brought up to hate everyone apart from purebloods. My father once told me that Hogwarts should only let pureblood's into the school. I agree with him but I dont fully understand what is truly meant by them. He told me that all I need to know is purebloods are the best and will always remain the best looking, the smartest, the funniest and mainly the better off ones. Half bloods are dirt.

"Hurry up Pansy, I NEED you to see this." my mother told me quickly, she seemed like she was in a rush. I followed her into the Pantry and silently sat down. "What is it mother, father?" I asked as the two of them walked over to me. My father dropped a rusty red envelope in front of me and said "read it out loud." What was the letter? Who was the letter from? Why did they want me to read it? When had it come? Where had it come from? How had it come? Which question was I going to answer first? For now I didn't know but I was just going to have to open the envelope and hope for the best.

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