~The Hunger Games~

~The Hunger Games~

Howdy, partners! This is kinda of like a 30-day-challenge thingy except I'll be making like One-Shots, or asking questions, writing poems, ect. Until The Hunger Games come out. Enjoy!

Chapter 1

Oh My Throne (Day 1)

This is a poem I made for Haymitch's thoughts after winning the Games:

It is over. It has been over, and my mind cannot adjust.

I jump, still, at sudden movement,
I tense, still, as silence fills.
I show, still, little improvement,
And know I won't 'fore my heart stills.

Now, upon my triumphant throne,
Of ornate, tangible victory.
It may as well be made of bone,
For all it feels to me.

And, now, with great remorse,
I accept the crown placed on my head.
There it whispers, voice so hoarse,
Of those at my hand dead.

I hear not what the host now speaks,
"Haymitch, I was captivated."
I struggle to keep tears off my cheeks,
Wishing to be vindicated.

There was nothing to be done,
Kill or be killed, as went the Game.
And now, myself here, having won,
All I dare to feel is blame.


Authors Note: I hoped you guys really liked this poem, I spent like 1 month doing this:P I'll try to post as much as I can!

May The Odds Ever Be In Your Favor,
Amia Weasley

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