Updates on the whole Tucker thing.

Okay So I talked to him friday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Chapter 1


Okay so the whole day Friday I couldn't stop thinking about what I was going to say to him. Then once study hall came I was reading and she didn't call up to tell me to meet her and him at the library til 15 minutes before school was over. So I hurried down the hallway and I met her in the library Tucker came about 3 minutes later While I was reading waiting for him to come. Well anyway the reason why she didn't tell us to meet up at the library earlier is because someone was in her office so she sat us down and said okay Tucker this is Odessa, Odessa this is Tucker and then she said she would just let us talk on our own because she had someone still in her office and she said how she thinks we have a lot in common. Then she said well you two just first start off by telling each other about yourself. Then she walks away and leaves us alone. We just set there for 30 secinds before I speak up because we only had about 10 minutes to talk and I had a feeling if I hadn't said something that son we would have been sitting there just staring into each others eyes cause that was what we were doing. So I say "Soooo do you want to tell me about yourself first or do you want me to tell you about myself before you?" and he replies and you could so tell he was nervous it wasn't even funny. and he says "I'll let you go first." So I tell him about myself. I also said my name. We were talking really quiet even my friend that helps out in the library was looking through magazines right on our table we were sitting at and he said he still couldn't here what we were saying. But anyway when we first started talking his girlfriend Taryn walks by real slow trying to listen in on our convo. Iwas like man you must not trust your boyfriend.She doesn't even read like never cause when they come in the library she never gets books she always socializes. But yeah before the counciler left I told her how I wasn't going to be there This coming Friday and she said okay well then I will get in touch with you two in Tuesday and you both can tell me how it went and then she asked if I was going to be there Tuesday through Thursday and I was like yes and she said that she will try get us together again. Yes it amazing talking to him. His eyes were this deep brown Like mine! His hair flows perfectly. But yeah anyways he told me about himself he is 14 his Birthday is October 1 and then he goes when is yours? I said December 1st and we smiled and kinda laughed at that! I felt this connection and I had picked out my outfit for Friday in Monday night and everything well I decided to wear red. Then when I first saw him on Friday he was wearing Red also! I was like we must have had this connection. But yeah when he was telling me how his father died he said it was January 11 and His father just got out of the shower and he had heart problems and he got heart surgery one time and they gave him pills if he feel like a heart attack is coming well he couldn't get to his pills because he just got out of the shower and fell so he couldn't get up and his mother came home and found his father. He was in computer class when this had happened. I was about to cry seriuosly I was going to cry right in front of him for him. You could tell it was hard for him because he was trying to hold the tears. He kept looking down at his hands and then he would look up at me and he keeps eye contact I love that! I love someone who can keep eye contact because I can really well. But anyways I told him how I found out about his father and everything and I told him when I heard about it my heart felt for him. I started bawling my eyes out, out of know where for him last night. I was talking to my aunt and everything. I have never ever done that for anyone. Yeah I am so glad cause he is a christian like me he was the one that brought up church and he said do you go to church? and I said yes I do and does he then he replied to me and everything say yes. But yeah we had tons in common. I like him alot and I have never ever felt this way about anyone. I didn't even know him and I like him. Well before I even talked to him and knew his personality I made this paper that says the perfect guy for me....I know it is cheesy but hey I was bored and I thought of making it. Well I made it and it was saying how I want a guy who is nice to everyone who is matture and is sensitive but not to sensitive or cold hearted and someone who can make me smile not by making fun of someone or or goofing around funny. Just someone to make me smile and someone who doesn't cuus and someone who is christian and loves god and who is waiting to have s^x till marrige. I seriously think that guy is Tucker I had know Idea he was like that I didn't even had one convo with him before I made the paper but yeah everything I wrote down was him. He has a girlfriend though. She isn't the prettiest thing my aunt looked her up on Facebook and she said he wont be with her long and even when he just saw you who has no make up and is sweet and has clear skin and isn't a fake. Because his Girlfriend is so fake lookin git isn't even funny. She cakes on makeup and she has tons of achne everywhere on her face. She always gets her hair done all the time. Then I look at him handsome no achne and is super sweet and is matture. But all I know maybe my mom died for this reason so I could meet him. There is always a reason god has a reason for everything see I don't know what it is just yet but I will someday. I don't know if it is Tucker that will be the one and he made this stuff happen for that but if it is I will be super greatful for it.But just thank you for readin this it meant alot. I don't plan out what I am going to write on my stories or this I just start writiing what I am feeling. I really like Tucker but I don't want him to know this because then he wont try talking to me anymore I've learned don't pay any attention to the guy you like and let them come to you! Trust me it works. It really does.


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