In the Wolf's Heart

I finally re-wrote the prologue yay ^^ This is a story about a young wolf named Vence. He was born a demon,just like his father. His pack was destroyed,so he became a loner. He finds a new pack and plans to take over as alpha. But just waiting for it would take to long. He will manipulate and kill if necessary. Nobody can stop him from succeeding. Or can they?

Chapter 1


The wind blew steadily,forming an eerie whistle in the night. Two night-watchers sat near the entrance to base.
They kept their ears pricked and their eyes alert to any movements around them.
It had been over five months since the last invasion from Lunar Pack. But these two were still suspicious,so they continued to stay watch while the others started to settle down.
Now the rest of the pack were sleeping in their dens,and all was quiet.All except...
"Did you hear that?" Night whispered to Adrien. They looked around,eyes wide. They heard bushes and leaves rustling so queit they were almost inaudible.
Then they picked up the scent they had been waiting for. A deep growl rumbled in Adriens throut as he yowled "Invasion! Attack!".
The drowsy pack woke almost instantly. Wolves from Lunar Pack suddenly jumped out of hiding. The rival pack had the advatage while the Thunder Pack stumbled over their own paws.
The silent night turned into a loud screeching battle feild. It looked like they brought the whole pack,even pups and elders were there.

As the fight continued on,three pups stayed hidden in their den as their mother had told them. "Stay here,I can't risk losing you. I'll be outside guarding the entrance". Their mother said with a final glare at her youngest son,Vence,and stormed out of the den. They watched from the shadows of the den as a dark gray wolf jumped on their mothers back.
"I told you i'd come back Mai!" the attacker barked.
"Mahaka!" Mai growled back.
They fought in a tumble of snarls and blood as the three pups watched in terror.
"What if she hurts mom?" The sandy-pelted female pup whimpered,her brothers on either side of her.
"No.I won't let her get hurt!" Vence growled. He snaked closer to the entrance to the den,relying on his black fur to blend into the shadows. He heared a whimper from behind him and turned his head to see the worried gazes of his littermates.
"No,you could get hurt! Plus,momma told us to stay here" the lighter gray male said.
Vence glared at his brother through bright green eyes. "Do you think I care what she said? I'm fighting for this pack if it kills me. It's just like you,Cyral,to hide in the shadows while the pack is getting torn apart. Well i won't stand by and let her kill our mother!" his growl was quiet but menacing.
Vence pelted out of the den and all Cyral could to was watch anxiously. He always knew his younger brother was a troublemaker,but he tried not to think of the fact that he might not be just a bad pup. He felt fur brush against his side,reminding him of Kohana's presence. He was thankful for his sisters warmth,but it wasn't enough to calm him down.
Should he really get involved with the fight? He and his littermtes were so younge.

Vence jumped on the gray wolf's,Mahaka's,back as she tried to take down his mother. His teeth buried deep into Mahaka's shoulder and she yelped at the pain. He let go before he could get tossed off,blood dripping from his mouth.
When Mai got up she relized who had come to her rescue,but had no time to scowle him off.
She tried to get in front of him to protect him,but Mahaka jumped on her again,sending her flying into a cave wall.
Vence snarled at Mahaka and lunged at her,but this time she was ready.
"Ha! A puny pup like you dares to challenge the Alpha of Lunar Pack? You need to be taught a lesson."
She knocked him off balance then picked him up by his scruff and threw him back to the ground.
He yelped as his side hit the ground. He layed there,stunned for a moment.
Mahaka turned back to Mai,not noticing Vences quick healing. He struggled to his paws,new energy corsed through him. His mother was in danger,and he had to save her.
Right before he attacked,he felt teeth grab his scruff. Vence was dangling from the strange wolfs teeth. He was going to break his neck.
Vence opened his mouth wide,revealing extra sharp teeth. He didn't have time to wonder how he managed to move,but he stretched his head and clamped down on the other wolf's ear,tearing most of it off.
He felt triumphant as he was dropped to the ground,the enemy running away with his tail between his legs screamy in pain.

He ran through the crowed of fighting wolves,trying to find a fight. He needed to fight. He needed to kill something. He tripped over a root in the ground and tumbled into some bushes. He shook himself then looked around. This was the secret hiding place he and his littermates played in when they were younger. He saw something in the shadows. He tasted the scent,and recognized it almost instantly.
"Bella!" He barked. "How dare you and your pack attack us like this?!" he snarled. Bella whimpered,trying to explain.
"I-I'm sorry Vence,I didn't know until the last minute or I would have warned you! My mom said you're parents are evil so we had to go destroy your pack. I'm sorry"
He snorted in disgust "Destroy us? Ha! You expect me to believe your pack will destroy us? Look at yourself,you're trembling like a frightened rabbit. I can't beleive I would consider such a weak pup as my mate. No since in letting a weak creature like you live"
Bella's pale blue eyes grew round "N-No! Please Don't! I-I thought you lov-" Before she could finish her meaningless words he lundged at her. She wailed in fear as his black fur blazed up like fire and his eyes shone brightly.Before she could escape he sunk his deadly teeth deep into her neck.
Her dying gasp was echoed by another screach behind them "No!"
He turned around,licking the blood from his lips. There stood Katana,Bella's sister. She snarled at him and tensed her muscels. He prepared himself for her attack. It would be easy to finish her off in the dark. The odd markings on her gray pelt where easy to see. Finally she jumped at him,her eyes blazing with fury.
Suddenly she got pushed to the side by another pup. Vence looked at the newcomer. It was Cyral.
"Finally decide to join the party?" Vence growled in an odd scrathcy voice.
The younge pale gray wolf stared at his brother in terror. He knew his brother was more than just a bad pup. He was a demon,just like their father.

Despite his horror,he tried to hide his fear "I can't let you hurt her. What her mother planned had nothing to do with her!"
As he spoke,Katana scampered to her sisters body. Cyral watched her go,only just noticing the bloody pup. His eyes stretched wide as he relized who it was.
Katana turned her head,water pouring down her cheeks. "You killed her! You killed my sister!"
Just then,another voice sounded from the bushes "Oh there you are,what-"
They looked to see Vence and Cyral's sister,Kohana standing there. Her eyes stretched wide,revealing the same shock as her brother's.

Katana snarled at the cream colored wolf pup. "You killed my sister,i'll kill yours!Kohana!" She screatched her name and attacked her. Kohana had no battle experience,and faught as a pup her age should,but that wasn't enough. "No! Katana she didn't do anything!" Cyral yowled in vain. He tried to pull Katana off of Kohana,but he wasn't getting much success.
Vence jumped in attack mode but was caught in mid air.
His eyes glowed bright green and his black and white fur blazed. He heard his mothers voice somehow,but he couldn't make out what she was saying. All he could hear clearly was 'save you'.
He felt a sudden stab of pain in his legs. A scar formed on each leg.
"Walk the right path."
Then he felt another stab along his side,where another scar formed.
"Stay strong."
Now on his head.
"Make the right decisions."
His left eye.
"See what's right."
And one more,the most painful, on his chest.
The scar that formed on his chest was an X shape. He fell back to the ground unconscious.

Cyral and Katana had seen everything,and even heard the quiet whispers of his mother,an angel. Kohana had already been killed by Katana,so all that stood where Cyral and Katana.
They eventually shook off what just happened. Cyral looked miserably at Katana.
"Wh-Why would you do this? Kohana never d-did anything to you." He spoke,hardly able to stop his voice from trembling.
He noticed that she was crying "He killed my sister! So I killed his! I'm sorry,but we won't be seeing each other again!" With that she ran off into the distant forest. Sunlight began to filter through the shrubs he was under. Had it really been that long?
Cyral sniffed his brother,checking on him. He was still alive,just asleep. He scrambled through the bushes and looked around his home. The stentch of death and blood masked out every other scent. Bodies from both packs spead all over. Were there really no survivers?
After checking for survivers he went back to his brother. He snuggled close to him,begging for the warmth of his brother. He wailed silently until he was able to fall asleep.

When he woke up he didn't see his brother. He started to worry and was going to look for him,but the scent of blood and many wolves was still too strong. He took one last look around him. Everything was destroyed. The dens. The pack. His heart.

He knew he couldn't stay there. Even though he was only a pup,he knew how to live on his own. He was traumatized,but he tried to move on alone. He prayed that his brother was okay. And that he would be able to control his evil power.


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