we're just friends

this is something about me and my friend that i'm writing here because i want to write this down and maybe tell a few people about it (i doubt too many people will read this anyway).

Chapter 2

things that have happened previous to ch.1

the ending to ch 1 may have left you with a few thoughts in your mind that might contradict the title. i'm writing ch.2 right now to dispell those thoughts. you see T used to tickle the crap outta me (A LOT) because she knew i was very ticklish. she tickled me so much i've begun to build up an immunity to it, in order to try and stop her from tickling me we end up wrestling (which is really just me restaining her, or trying to anyway) so there is a decent amount of physical contact in that so it's not like she thought it was anything se.xu.al when she went to me for warmth. another thing T has a bf but even if she didn't she isn't what i'd look for in a gf. one other thing, when T was getting over a breakup with her ex we were hanging out and i was trying to help her through it. we hung out and she ended up staying the night at my house (in the same bed) a few nights (5 days out of the week, 4 in a row) and nothing happened so that should prove that we are just friends.

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