we're just friends

this is something about me and my friend that i'm writing here because i want to write this down and maybe tell a few people about it (i doubt too many people will read this anyway).

Chapter 1


well i have a friend, her name is (for the sake of some anonymity) "T" and yesterday we were hanging out with some of our friends as we usually do on tuesdays and thursdays. T almost always ends up messing around with us one way or another. today it started with her braiding my hair (i have decently long hair for those who don't know) while me and a couple of guys were playing videogames. then she started to rub my beard (something she does pretty often) and that always feels weird. after we were done playing videogames we ended up messing with T and playing keep away with her hat, which is fun because well she is short. later on in the day after we had done all that we were all standing outside and it wasn't exactly the warmest that day. she went up to me and just kinda leaned on my chest. i was like "wha?" and my other friend B (also a girl btw) said "i think she's cold" and sure enough she was. so i held her, wrapping my jacket around her to keep her warm. there was a bit of a problem here though. i'm not used to prolonged contact with a girl and idk if she noticed but i may have gotten a little excited -.-'

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