See you in a month

Read if you talk or read or generally fee like it...

Chapter 1


Okay so my school does this thing where the year tens go to camp in there house groups for a month. It's all mature and future benificial.
Three day hike.
Clearly might get better with spelling. Hopefully :)
Hell of a lot more as well

So I want be here which means hell of a lot of messages when I get back but don't not send them I don't care. I'll sort them out eventually.
So Yeah I wont be updating or replying to any messages you guy smay have sent me.

Leave tommorow so excited get to spend a month in the bush with basically all of my mates, going to be hells awesome. Even if I fail at chopping up fire wood.
Take that quite literally, we have to get our own fire wood fro the wood stove we cook everything on. Hell we even have to clean the damn bathrooms....which probebly will be gross. Drop toilets, urgh.
Little girly on that department but hey I've be camping since I was eight. Just cleaning since I was don't care enought to Dadman can do that bit I'll get the shower/dishes.

So Yeah see you guys in a month, probebly will ramble on about it when I get back in the next chapter



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