Love Like Never Before

Love Like Never Before

I had this idea going through my head for a while and decided to finally write it out. But also, Ivana's giving me a helping hand :)

This story takes place in Los Angeles, California; the year 1993.

Chapter 1

Something About Them...

It was almost past four in the evening when the phone in the hallway rang. I stopped short in making Michael's bed and headed out the room, grabbing the phone off the hook before anyone else in the house had the chance to answer it.
"Jackson resident," I spoke into the phone, hoping the paparazzi wasn't on the other end.
"Aaliyah, I need a favor."
I smiled hearing Michael's soft voice speak through the phone. "Yes?"
"I need you to tell Megan to get started on dinner a little bit early today. I'm bringing company home."
I nodded. "OK."
Our short conversation came to an abrupt end. I put the phone back on hook and traveled down the long hall before descending down the steps and into the kitchen. I told Megan her orders and she went to work right away, telling the other few cooks what they needed to do.
I exited the kitchen and went back upstairs to continue where I left off.

Not long after Michael contacted me, his limo pulled into the long driveway and slowly came to halt. Michael quickly exited the vehicle while talking to whoever was in the limo with him.
I watched from the window as he walked steadily toward the large front wooden doors downstairs. Beside him was a young boy wearing a red hat, blue jeans and a baggy shirt. Behind them walked a woman and man. Both dressed somewhat formal.
A strange feeling suddenly overwhelmed me as I stared down at the three strangers. A feeling of dislike and a bit of hatred. I felt quite confused about this.
I didn't know them... yet I ''hated'' them. And it was rare for me to hate anyone.
I sighed to myself as I slowly walked downstairs to be welcomed by the Michael and the family.
"Aaliyah," Michael spoke up, "This is the Chandler family."
I gave them a tight-lipped smile and a wave. They smiled back but I could tell the woman could sense my dislike for them.
"This is Evan," Michael pointed at the man, who had the sudden look of lust in his eyes.
I quickly looked away from him and back at Michael.
"This is June, and this is their son, Jordan." Michael finished off the introduction
I nodded my head and look toward the dining room. Megan had just finished the setting the table before heading back into the kitchen. Michael spoke to the family and they immediately headed toward room.
"You didn't seem too excited to meet them." Michael said to me.
I shrugged and jerked my head up toward the stairs, indicating that we needed to talk. He exhaled loudly before following me upstairs and into his room. Michael sat on the bed as I stood in front of him.
"Michael," I started off, "Ive known you since we were little. I know that you're as stubborn as mule."
He rolled his eyes.
"But you have to hear me out on this. I don't think you should've brought them here."
"And why not?" he had a hint of attitude in his voice.
"They seem like a bunch of troublemakers. I have a feeling they'll somehow ruin you."
"They won't."
I sighed. "Michael, you don't know that. You can't trust everyone you meet."
"So far everyone I befriended has never turned their back on me. Why can't I befriend the Chandlers?"
"Because if you get too attached to them, they'll give you the cold shoulder and probably might make you eat your own words. Or even twist them around to the paparazzi. Michael, these people are bad news! Why can't you see that!?" I slightly yelled at him.
He flinched a little which kind of triggered his anger. "Because they're not! Everything that's coming from your mouth is a lie!" He stood up from the bed.
"But-" he cut me off by holding up his hand.
"This conversation is over." he said in a low, husky voice. He briskly walked past me and I grabbed his arm.
"Michael, I'm trying to protect you. I don't wanna see you hurt." I spoke softly to him.
He still faced away from me with his arm in my grip. He closed his eyes and exhaled. He then growled, "I don't ''need'' your protection."
He jerked his arm from my hold and walked out the room. Tears welled in my eyes but I blinked them back.
Why couldn't he understand I was trying to keep him from getting his heart broken? His reputation from shattering. Himself from humiliation.
Why was it so hard for him to understand I was only trying to protect him from the people that would hurt him the most?

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