A KingdomHearts Halloween

:D My first story! Originally for a school paper using mostly Kingdom Hearts names. I decided to post :D Hope you enjoy ^-^ Sorry if the writing is odd D: Quibblo doesn't like me......

Chapter 1

The Van, the Grinch, and the Fish

Kairi stood on the corner quietly anticipating her friends’ arrivals. It was her best

friends payday so they had all gotten the costumes they wanted except Demyx,

who in an oddly adorable childish fashion, had insisted on paying his way by

using the money he had earned from Even for babysitting. Kairi chuckled at the

thought of the clumsy 19 year olds well-meaning antics. She silenced her

giggles as Axels familiar black van came up towards her.

“You ready for tonight!?!” Demyxs' tenor voice piped from the van, his happy blue

eyes widened with excitement. Kairi laughed at the excitement of the goofy


"Yeah, it’ll be fun!” she said getting into the van and plopping down next to her

sister Nami`ne, who was quietly drawing Roxas, who was in front of them,

leaning forward to talk to Axel and Demyx. Beside Roxas was Kairi and

Nami`ne cousin, Xion, who sat quietly, smiling, swinging her legs, and looking

out the window. She looked back and saw Sora, Riku, and Zexion all squeezed

into the back seat. Kairi snickered at the group. Zexion gray-blue eyes glowered

out the window announcing to everything they landed on his “I hate everything”

attitude, while his face stayed emotionless. Soras jolly sky blue eyes shining

down at the video game in his hands. Actually, he was multitasking. He was

listening to unnecessarily loud music, playing video games, and annoying Riku

to the best of his ability, all at the same time. Riku was attempting to read

without bloodily murdering the earlier mentioned brunette.

“Tonight should be fun.” Said Kari with a small smile. Sora nodded

enthusiastically while Zexion huffed with disgust. Sora jumped with shock at the

sound and tore off his head phones.

“I’m starting to think you don’t like anything.” Sora yelled with frustration

as his 100th plan to prod some kind of happiness out of the seemingly heartless

teen was already failing.

“That’s not true…” grumbled Zexion.

“Name three things.” Challenged Sora.

“Puppies, darkness, horror, not you, see? I named four.” Zexion stated in a

frighteningly icy cold voice, his face as stoic as ever, holding zero emotions.

Kairi shivered at the way Zexion could say anything with a cold tone, even


“Um… Zexion…” Nami`ne began, but said teen cut her off.

“I don’t see the big deal, Halloween is just an excuse for children and

irresponsible adults to run around and get candy while dressed in a symphony

of ridiculous outfits and for the ruthless to go around committing a symphony-

no, cacophony of crimes in the “Spirit of Halloween” and calling them “pranks”.

Halloween is stupid!!!” He yelled finishing what must have been the most words

he had said in his life. There was silence for awhile, even Demyx and Sora had

stopped goofing around. Then Sora looked over at Zexion, his eyes having

darkened over slightly.

“It’s a lot more than that, but you probably wouldn’t get it.” Kairi smiled,

mentally applauding Sora. Though he was goofball, he had some pretty

awesome moments. Zexion crossed his arms, slumped, and mumbled

something under his breath. Kairi sighed and plopped back into her seat, Sora

was right; Zexion would probably never get it. She leaned forward to where her

cousin sat.

“Hey Xion.”

“Yeah Kai?”

“What’da you think.”

"’Bout what.”

“Halloween goofy!”

“Heh, oh, well, I’m looking forward to candy and fun with you, but not to

useless health bars, dumb plastic skeletons, and goofy plastic rings with

spiders on them.” The two giggled over what she said for a moment before Xion

continued. “You know, he had a point.”


“Zexion, he had a point, people do those things, and more.”

“Yeah… but they also do a lot of good.” Kairi reassured her cousin.

“Yeah, thanks.” Xion smiled.

“She’s right you know.” Roxas had over heard them and was smiling as he

jumped into the discussion. “Zexion probably sees, but like a Grinch like him

would ever admit! Give him time, he’ll open up.”

After this it was quiet for awhile with only sparse talking till they got to

where they were going to be trick or treating. When they got out Kairi stretched

and looked around to see what everyone was wearing. Axel was dressed like a

fire juggler, which was predictable of the pyro. He looked really cool as one too.

Demyx was dressed as a rock star, not a shock considering his love for music.

Zexion and Riku were going as their “very scary selves”, an excuse meaning

that they thought the whole thing was ridiculous. Xion, the youngest of the group

being 10, was going through a Pokemon phase… whatever that was. Apparently

that meant wearing a red cap that covered most of her short black hair, a blue

and white jacket, and having a little pen with something called a Turtwig on it,

personally Kairi didn’t see why she couldn’t just call it a turtle but Xion had

gotten mad when she asked and so left the whole thing alone. Kairi wore a

simple blue princess costume and Nami`ne wore a black barrette and her usual

white shirt and blue jeans, being to timid to dress up, even on Halloween. Roxas

wore a cape and black clothes, that being enough for the simple minded teen.

Sora was running around as the red Power Ranger, like he did every year.

The night started out like it did every year, Demyx and Sora running 10

yards for every ten feet the others walked, everyone except Zexion enjoying

themselves and their candy. Half way through Demyx’s annoying munching was

heard and tolerated by most everyone, except Zexion. The angry teen was

annoyed as it was and Demyx, this time, was too much for him to handle. He

attempted to ripe the chips out of his hand and would have if Demyx hadn’t of

noticed Zexion’s hand moving at him at an uncomfortably quick rate. Demyx

glowered at Zexion from behind Riku, who he was using as a human shield.

“Why do you always pick on me?” He whimpered in a thin whine.

“Because you’re always on my nerves.” Zexion snarled in return.

“Lighten up Zexion, it is Demyx after all.” Riku said in an attempt to stop

the escalating situation. “I mean really, he can’t help himself, he’s extra

challenged, he doesn’t mean it.”

“Yeah, he doesn’t mean it.” Demyx repeated in hope that Zexion wouldn’t

hit him. Zexion sighed turning and beginning to walk away.

“Where are you going?” Sora asked, having just run back to see what had been

going on.

“Home. I don’t know why I came, there’s nothing here for me. There never

was.” Zexion remarked solemnly more to himself than the others, not stopping,

even to look back. Sora ran up to him for one last question.

“Why won’t you let us be friends with you?”

“Why on earth would you want to be friends with me?” He said before he

left. Sora sighed before rejoining the others. Demyx looked up at the sky as

raindrops began to lightly fall.

“Huh, it was supposed to be clear.” Axel mused.

“Do you think he’ll ever open up?” Sora asked Roxas, only because he

knew what he’d say.

“Yeah……” Roxas sighed his face then lighting up. “Hey guys! I don’t know

about you, but I’m tired and hungry, and we’ve been everywhere, how about we

get some ice cream! Sea-salt ice cream specifically.”

“Ice cream?!? On a night like this? Are you crazy! I’d rather have fish.”

Demyx said looking genuinely hungry.

“All right, fish it is.”


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