He saved me...

True story about my dreadful life

Chapter 1

He really Did

by: Ashleigh
I had been in this relationship and he has told me he loves me, I thought he meant it.. It lasted 2 years of me thinking that. Until I broke it off. I found out he has been cheating on me with my friend, and I was his rebound girl because she was taken at the time. I'm hurt, Big time. I was about to delete my MyYearbook And finish my life honestly. But i got a message from a guy named Nicky. Its wasnt like the typical "hey i want laid" thing he told me about himself, and how he has wanted to commit suicide because of past loves. He opened up to a complete stranger. And I told him I was going to kill myself but I got distracted by his message he said
"No guy is worth your loss, you are beautiful. I dont even know you and I already trust you. Your a good listener and kind hearted. Its his loss that your not with him. That he did that to you. Please dont kill yourself..."
If he hadnt said any of that, I would be dead. I dont even know him and he is sincere... He really did save me

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